AttachmentAttachmentAttachmentAttachmentAttachmentAttachmentYou  might  think  that  a bucket  list  for  a blog  called  30 Plus  Teams ,  30  Plus  Dreams  would  mean  just visiting  or doing  things  in cities  in  Canada  and  the  United  States  that  have  teams  in  all four  of  the  major  professional  sports .

You might  be  partially  right .

There  are  cities  in both  countries  that  I  would  like  to  see  and they  DON’T  have  any of the  four  major  sports  teams  in their  cities .

They are, however ,  close enough  though  that  if you wanted to make  a  side  trip  while  on your  own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  you could .

You might  be  surprised  at some  of  my  choices ,  but then again ,  you might  not .

Here’s my bucket  list in no particular  order .

  1. Halifax ,  Nova Scotia
  2. Drinking   Ice Wines  in Canada
  3. Banff, Alberta   because  the name  sounds  so wicked  cool .
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Lake Louise ,  Alberta
  6. Eating a  bagel  in Montreal  and  seeing  how  different  it is  from a bagel  in New York  City
  7. Stanley  Park
  8. Attending  a  Toronto  Raptors  basketball  game
  9. Hoover  Dam
  10. Civil  Rights  Museum  in Birmingham ,  Alabama
  11. Newport ,  Rhode  Island   to see how  the  other  half  lived back in  the  day
  12. Beale  Street
  13. Museum  of  Human  Rights ,  Winnepeg, Canada
  14. Rock  N Roll Hall of  Fame
  15. Baseball  Hall of  Fame ,  Cooperstown ,  NY
  16. Vicksburg ,  Mississippi  to see the  Civil  War  monuments
  17. Pearl  Harbor
  18. Riding  on the  Montreal  subway
  19. Riding  all the  street  cars in New Orleans
  20. Portland ,  Oregon
  21. Attending  an Indianapolis Colts   football  game
  22. Attending  the  Kentucky  Derby and drinking  Mint Juleps and wearing  my  finest  hat.
  23. Mackinac  Island ,  Michigan .  No cars are allowed
  24. United  States  Naval  Academy ,  Annapolis ,  Maryland
  25. Calgary  Stampede
  26. Parliament  Hill ,  Ottawa
  27. Going  on  an Alaska  Cruise
  28. Getting  my cowgirl  on in Jackson  Hole, Wyoming
  29. Attending  a New England  Patriots  football  game
  30. Yellowstone  National  Park
  31. Trying  my luck and looking  elegant  at the  Casino  Du  Montreal
  32. Albuquerque ,  New Mexico
  33. Catalina  Island
  34. Alcatraz
  35. Santa  Barbara
  36. Visiting  Doctor  Martin  Luther  King’s  graveside  in Atlanta
  37. Riding  the  High Roller  in Las Vegas
  38. Washington  National  Zoo
  39. Seeing  where JFK was shot  in  Dallas
  40. Arlington  House at Arlington  National  Cemetery .  It was once the  home   of  Robert  E. Lee
  41. Senator John  Heinz History  Museum  in Pittsburgh
  42. Harper’s  Ferry ,  West  Virginia
  43. The  Alamo
  44. Attending  a  Montreal  Canadiens  hockey  game  at Le  Centre  Bell
  45. Seeing  as many  lighthouses  as I can in the  state  of  Maine
  46. Kennedy  Center
  47. Sundance  Film Festival
  48. Being  a snow bunny  in Aspen ,  Colorado
  49. Graceland
  50. Walking  down the Las Vegas  Strip in the winter time  when there aren’t  that  many  tourists
  51. Fort Sumpter
  52. Eating  barbecue  in Kansas  City ,  St. Louis ,  Memphis ,  and the Carolinas , and deciding  which  one  I  like  best .
  53. Country  Music  Hall of  Fame
  54. Eating  at Paula Deens Restaurant  in  Savannah, Georgia
  55. Attending  a  Arizona  Diamondbacks  game at Chase Field
  56. Soaking  up  French  Canadian  culture  in Quebec  City
  57. Visiting  Mother  Seton’s  home in Baltimore .  She was  the  first  American  saint .
  58. Visiting  the  Negro  Leagues    Baseball  Museum  in Kansas  City
  59. Tasting  Maple Syrup  in Vermont
  60. Gettysburg
  61. Going  to  an authentic  luau  in Hawaii
  62. Riding  the  Duquesne  and  Monongahela  inclines  in Pittsburgh
  63. Visiting  the  Oklahoma  City  Bombing  Memorial
  64. Riding  a  sightseeing  boat  down  the  Chicago  River
  65. Notre Dame  university
  66. Iditarod  Dog Sled race  in  Alaska
  67. Seeing  all the  neighborhoods  of  New Orleans ,  not  just  the  French  Quarter
  68. Buchard Gardens ,  Victoria ,  Canada
  69. Eating  a hot dog  at The Varsity  in Atlanta  and  a half  smoke  at Ben’  s Chilli  Bowl  in Washington  DC .   and comparing  the  two
  70. Philadelphia  Museum  of  Art, but  not  running  up the  stairs  like Rocky did .  That’s  NOT  an option .
  71. Little  Havana
  72. South  Beach
  73. Louisville ,  Kentucky
  74. Attending  a  Winnepeg  Jets  hockey  game
  75. Supreme  Court  Building
  76. Football  Hall of  Fame  in Canton    Ohio
  77. Attending  a July 4th  concert  in either  Washington  DC ,  Philadelphia ,  or Boston .
  78. Attending  a  Milwaukee  Brewers  baseball  game  at Miller  Park ,  especially  to see  ”  the  Sausage  Race” .
  79. Spending  most  of  the  day  in Las Vegas ,  walking  through  the  Caesar  ‘  s Palace  Hotel  and  Casino .  It’s  that big that you’ll  need  most  of  the  day.
  80. Attending  a US  Open Tennis  Match
  81. Richmond ,  Virginia
  82. Attending  a  Green  Bay  Packers  football  game  and  taking  a  tour  of  Lambeau  Field
  83. Riding  on the Atlanta  Eye
  84. United  States  Military  Academy  at West  Point
  85. Stone  Mountain ,  Georgia  and  seeing  the  Civil  War  monument
  86. Riding  “The  Maid of  The   Mist” and seeing  Niagara  Falls  up close  and  personal .
  87. Underground  Railroad  Museum  in Cincinnati
  88. The Trail  of  Tears
  89. Great  Blacks in Wax Museum  in Baltimore
  90. The Bean Sculpture  in Chicago
  91. Staring  at  “Sue” ,  the  T-Rex at Field   Museum  in Chicago
  92. Attending  the  Miss America  Pageant
  93. Space  Needle
  94. Mob Museum  in Las Vegas
  95. Attending  the  Indianapolis  500 Car Race
  96. Riverwalk  in San Antonio
  97. Molly  Brown’s  home in Denver .  She was  one  of  the  few  survivors  on the  Titanic
  98. Palm  Springs
  99. Eating  Tex-Mex  food  in San  Antonio
  100. Seeing  Wrigley  Field  close  up and going  to  a Chicago  Cubs  baseball  game
  101. Johnson  Space  Center  in Houston
  102. Charles  Wright  Museum  in  Detroit
  103. Pikes  Place  Market  Seattle  and  watching  the  fish “fly” .
  104. Fort Lauderdale
  105. University  of  Miami ,  aka ”  The  U”
  106. Attending  a  Seattle  Seahawks  football  game
  107. Williamsburg ,  Virginia
  108. Visiting  the  “Nationality Rooms” at University  of  Pittsburgh
  109. Going  on  a Hurricane  Katrina  sightseeing  tour of New    Orleans
  110. Visiting  The  Ohio  State  University
  111. Attending  a  game  at the  new Little  Caesars  Arena  in Downtown  Detroit
  112. Walking  down  Broadway  in Nashville
  113. Attending  an  Atlanta  Falcons  Football  game
  114. Going  on  a  carriage  ride  through  Old  Montreal
  115. Attending  a Vegas  Golden  Knights  hockey  game .  It’s  their  first  season  in the  league
  116. Walking  around  LODO, the Lower  Downtown  section  of  Denver
  117. Mount  Rushmore
  118. Crazy  Horse  Statue
  119. I want to  take a road  trip  through  the  entire  state  of  Montana  just  to  appreciate  the  beauty  of  this  state .
  120. Take  a  carriage  ride  through  the  streets  of  Charleston ,  South  Carolina
  121. Going  on  an  Amtrak  ride from  Northern  California  all the  the way  to  San Diego  in Southern  California .
  122. Myrtle  Beach
  123. Attending  an  Oklahoma  City  Thunder  basketball  game
  124. Hollywood  Walk of Fame
  125. Attending  the  Tournament  of Roses  Parade  on New Years  Day
  126.   George    W. Bush  Museum  and  Library  in Dallas
  127. Riding  the  trolley  from  San Diego  to Tijuana ,  Mexico
  128. Brooklyn  Bridge  Park
  129. Seeing  President  Andrew  Jackson’s  home, “The  Hermitage  ”  in Nashville
  130. Lombard  Street
  131. Eating  food  in New Orleans  that  I  wouldn’t  think  of  eating ,  and lots of  food  that  I  would  DEFINITELY  eat!
  132. Ben  and  Jerry’s  Ice Cream  plant in  Burlington ,  Vermont
  133. Walking  down  Park  Avenue  in New  York  City   like  I own  this  place!
  134. United  States  Air Force  Academy
  135. Taking  a  bus  ride  through  the  Detroit  –  Windsor  Tunnel
  136. Walking  along  the  Atlantic  City  Boardwalk  when  there’s  no tourists  around
  137. Walking  on one  or all of the  “Three  Sisters  Bridges  ”  in Pittsburgh . (Their  official  names  are ,  The  Roberto  Clemente ,  Andy Warhol  and  Rachel  Carson  )
  138. Seeing  as  many  plantations  down  South  as I  can .
  139. Seeing  the  “Pink  Ladies  “, those  colorful  houses  in San Francisco .
  140. Prince  Edward  Island
  141. West  Edmonton  Mall
  142. Mall of America
  143. Salem ,  Massachusetts
  144. Library  of  Congress
  145. Mount  Vernon  ,  George  Washington’s  home
  146. Monticello ,  Thomas  Jefferson ‘  s  home
  147. Attending  a  Columbus  Blue  Jackets  game, just to hear  that  humongous  canon  go off when  the  team  scores
  148. Attending  a   Cleveland Cavaliers   basketball  game
  149. Attending  an Ohio  State  –  University  of  Michigan  football  game .  Doesn’t  matter  if  it’s  at “The Horseshoe  ” in Ohio   or at ”  The  Big House  ” in Michigan
  150. Taking  a  tour  inside  the  United  States  Capital  Building.

That’s  my bucket  list ,  all 150 of them .

God  willing ,  I’d  like  to  see  and  do  some ,  if not  all  of  them .

What’s  on your bucket  list ?  Let  me  know .

Thanks  for  reading  this post and following  my blog .


  1. Johanna Galyen, Christian Life Coach at Glowing Still says:

    Oh my word! I love how you have written them out. I totally need to do this as I’ve visited a few places on my list, but I would love to visit many more! ~ Johanna


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