It seems  like  every  day  is  some  kind  of  holiday  in  the  United  States ,  whether  it  be  Memorial  Day ,  which is  considered  the  unofficial  first  day  of  Summer ,  Labor  Day ,  which  is  considered  the  unofficial  last  day  of  Summer ,  or even  President’s  Day ,  which  if  you’re  of  a certain  age, was really  two  holidays ,  Lincoln ‘ s  Birthday  and George  Washington’s  Birthday .

We even  have  Columbus  Day  and Martin  Luther  King ‘ s  Birthday  as holidays  also .

Need we even  mention  July 4th  with  all  those  fireworks  that seem  to  go on before  and  AFTER  July  4th ?

Some people  want to  carry  it a little  bit  too  far  and  make  Super  Bowl  Sunday  a holiday  here in the  country  also .

Don’t  get  me  wrong ,  I  love  watching  the  game  and not for all those  commercials  and  the  halftime  show  that seems  to  go on  forever ,  but let’s  not  get  carried  away  here, folks .

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t  nor should  it be  considered  a  holiday .

When I  was growing  up ,  I wasn’t  one of  those  children  who couldn’t  wait  for Christmas  just  to see what  I  would  get from  Santa  Claus .

Christmas  still  isn’t  my favorite  holiday .

Thanksgiving  also  isn’t  my favorite  holiday.

It was just another  day  to get with the  family ,  stuff our faces and watch  a  lot of  football .

That hasn’t  changed ,  although  instead of  giving thanks ,  stuffing  my face with a lot  of  food, and watching  football  with the  family ,  I go over to  a girlfriend’s  house to do the same  thing .

Then, as now, January  1st ,  New Year’s  Day  will ALWAYS  be my  favorite  holiday .

Forget about  the  fact  that  everybody  and their  mama  seems  to  have  celebrated  just  a  little  bit  too  much  the night  before ,  at the time ,  I  was too  young  to  understand  why folks would  do this  to themselves  on this one particular  day. FB_IMG_1501844169540FB_IMG_1501844180404FB_IMG_1501846375774FB_IMG_1501844320125

Now that I’m  older, I’ve  turned into  one of  those  people  who  I wondered about  when  I  was  younger .

January  1st  not only  meant  the  start  of  a  new year  and new cities  to  explore  on your own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  but on  a  personal  note ,  it’s  28  days away  from  my birthday !

( Yeah, it’s  all about  me, don’t  judge.)

There’s  still college  football  games to watch on TV ,  but not as many  now as there was when I  was growing  up .

Of course ,  besides  that Mimosa  that you  were having ,  you had to watch the Tournament  of Roses  Parade  and check out  all the  floats  decorated with ,  what else?

Lots  of  roses of every color .

But now, January  1st  means another  sporting  event for me to enjoy.

The National  Hockey  League  has  their annual  outdoor  game called  The Winter  Classic ,  which for the  past couple  of  years  has been  held  every January  1st .

Some  things  just haven’t  changed on my  favorite  holiday .

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