A few months  ago ,  I told you  that  it was  a  new year, so it was  time to  get  out  there  and travel .

Go see the  London  Eye, The Taj Mahal, or Mount  Rushmore .

Can you  believe  that  we’ve  passed  five  months  already ?

Hay 2017 ,  slow  it down  dude.

You’re  moving  way  too  fast .

We’re  in the  month  of  June   and  you  know  what  that  means ?

It’s  almost  summertime  and  the  kids  are  going  to  be  out  of  school  soon ,  if they  aren’t  all ready .

You  put  off going  away  for  the  winter  and  spring  months  because  it was too darn cold, even though  the  kids wanted to  go to   South Padre  Island ,  Texas .

So tell me ,  what  excuse  are  you  going  to  use  for  June ,  July ,  and  August ?

After the horrible  events  in Manchester ,  England ,  believe  me ,  I understand  that  some  of  you  don’t  want  to  go anywhere  because  you’re  very  afraid  to  travel  anywhere  now .

Please ,  AND I’m  sure  that  I’m  not  the  only  one  to say  this  to you .


This  is  exactly  what  those  morons  who caused all  this  mayhem in Manchester  want  you to  react- with fear .

Don’t  be afraid  to  enjoy  the  lifestyle that  you  and your  wife  paid for.

YOU  worked hard for   that  once in  a  lifetime  trip to  Bali,  don’t  let the haters  ruin it for  you .

Remember ,  staying  home  is NOT  an option  and neither is  being afraid  to  travel  just because  some low lives  have a major  problem  with  EVERYONE .

I  say, the heck with unhappy people  who want  to  try to make the rest of  us just as miserable   as they  are .

Go out, enjoy  that  visit  with the kids to  see Nana  and Papa  in Rome   or to see Titi Marisol in Puerto  Rico .

If you  just  want  to  hang out  with  the  relatives that you haven’t  seen  in years ,  you should  be  able  to  go to  Hong Kong   and  see them  without  someone  telling  you  not to .

Yes, even  take  that  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  down  to  Atlanta  with  your  girlfriend  to see the  Atlanta  Braves  new baseball  park, Sun

Trust   Park .

It’s  the  summer ,  my friend .

There’s  planes, trains ,  buses,  and  automobiles  just  waiting  to  take  you  somewhere  nice or even  not so nice this summer .

God  willing ,  I’m  even  making  my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  later  in  the  month ,  but more  about  that  in my upcoming  posts .

It’s  the summer  of  2017,  get out there  and  do some  traveling ,  people .

So many places are calling  out your  name .


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