FB_IMG_1501248400064FB_IMG_1501248348133FB_IMG_1501248575494FB_IMG_1501248342434FB_IMG_1501248464812As a former  airline  employee  with  Delta  and  Malaysia  Airlines ,  don’t  expect  me  to  defend  the  actions  of  the  airlines ,  especially  here in  the  United  States .

I was  a reservation  agent  in Boston  and  Los  Angeles  for 10  years .

The  airlines  had  image  problems  back  then  when  I  was  an employee  from  1996  until  20 06  and  it  seems  like  it’s  gotten  worse .

Don’t  even  get  me  started  on  United  Airlines ,  they’re  doing  okay  by themselves  looking  like  the  airline  from  Hell .

But what  about  the  other ” Legacy  Carriers  “,  that’s  American  and  Delta .

They aren’t  any better  than  United .

Uncomfortable  seats ,  not  enough legroom  ,  small  bins to fit your carry  on  bags,  and not to mention  those  baggage  fees .

Although ,  I  do find  it  rather  funny  that  Congress  wants  to  do something  about  the  really  awful  customer  service  that  the  airlines  are providing  us.

I  guess  Congress  forgot  that  they created  this  monster  by deregulation  back  in  the  day .

Flying  used to   be  a  pleasure  and  the  ride was  very  comfortable .

Now, it looks  as though  the  airlines  don’t  care ,  and neither  do  the passengers ,  some of   whom look  like  they just  rolled  out  of  bed and   onto  the  plane .

I’m  not  talking  about  the  passengers  in economy or premium  economy ,  or whatever  the  airlines  are calling  those  same uncomfortable  seats  that  supposedly  have  more  legroom  now .

I’m  talking  about  you ,  Mr. and Mrs  Moneybags  sitting  in  Business  and First  Class  wearing  your pajamas  or sweat  pants .

They told  you  to get  comfortable  on the  plane, but  don’t  take  it  and  run  with  it .

Dress up   for God’s  sake .

Leave  the  sweatpants  for that 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  a Los Angeles  Dodgers  baseball  game.

Things have   gotten  stressful  for  everyone ,  not  just  the  passengers .

It seems  as  though  we pay  for  everything .

It’s  not  just  the Legacy  Carriers ,  the  “Low Cost  “airlines  aren’t  any  better .

Southwest  Airlines ,  you’re  my favorite  carrier,  what  on earth   happened  to  those  great  super saver  “Getaway  Fares” that  you  used to   have  from   Laguardia,  Newark  Liberty ,  not  to  mention  the  other  airport  that  I  fly out   of  a lot ,  Philadelphia  International ?

Speaking  of  low cost   and  no frills ,  Sprit Airlines ,  must you  charge  for  EVERYTHING ? !

Your  service  is so  horrible ,  you  should  be  paying  US to fly  YOUR AIRLINE .

Your  customer  service  leaves  a lot  to  be  desired .

I’d  rather  walk or  take  a  Greyhound  Bus to  the  two  Spirit  hubs,  Detroit  and Fort  Lauderdale ,  than fly  on  Spirit  to those  cities .

Why can’t  the airlines  make  travel  better ?

I’m  not  referring  to  all  those  screaming  infants  on board ,  because  if I   was  stuck  in  one  of  those  middle  seats ,  I’d  be  screaming  too.

Although ,  folks ,  please  stop  your  brats,  who are old  enough  to  know  better , from  kicking  the  back  of  my  seat, please .

Give  us some  real customer  service .

Don’t  ignore  our complaints .

Please  don’t  leave  it up  to

the  Reservation  Sales  agents to  apologize  why their  flight  wasn’t  on time .

Don’t  ignore  the  passengers  if they  email  you  or write  you  about  the  horrible  service  they  received .

At the   end  of  the  flight ,  how about  the flight  attendants  and pilots  actually  thanking  us for  flying  their  airline ,  and REALLY  meaning it ?

How  about  giving  us the  real  reason  that  flight  from  Atlanta  is delayed ?

Passengers  aren’t  doing  you  a favor  by taking  your  airline ,  so  don’t  act like   we are  .

We do  have  other choices  when we’re  doing  that  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Chicago .

We’re  taking  your  airline  because  your  fare is  cheap  and  you’re  the  fastest  way  that we can begin  our  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Miami ,  Phoenix ,  or Salt  Lake  City .

People  aren’t  going  to  suddenly  stop  flying  all together  and  take  Amtrak  or Greyhound  buses to get  to  their  destinations .

They’re  still  going  to  fly .

The airlines  know  this ,  so  how about  making  the  friendly   skies  really  truly  friendly ?



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