Some  of  you  probably  read  about  it  or  even heard  about  it .

If not,  let  me  tell  you  about  what  happened . FB_IMG_1500994076764

Baltimore  Orioles  right  fielder Adam  Jones  was doing  what  he’s  paid to  do  by the   Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  team ,  drive  in runs ,  and catch  baseballs so that  the  other  team  doesn’t  score  any runs.

On this  particular  evening ,  the  Orioles  just  happened  to  be  in  Fenway  Park   in Boston ,  playing  the  Red Sox  .

One  fan, and  I  use that  term  to be   somewhat  polite,  obviously  didn’t  read my blog  posts  on acting  like  you’ve  been  there  before .

This fan  decided  to  not  only  throw a   bag of   peanuts  at Jones ,  but  for  good  measure ,  he called  Jones  everything  but  the  name  his  mama  gave  him ,  including  the  infamous  “N” word.

You  might  wonder ,  just  what  does  this  have  to  do  with  travel ?

Remember ,  the name  of  the  blog is   called  30  Plus  Teams  30  Plus  Dreams  and  it’s  about  what  to do   in a   city  after  you’ve  gone  to  that  professional  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  game .

Adam  Jones  just  happens  to  be  one  of  the  few non  Latin  and  non white  players  in baseball .

The  city  this  incident  happened  in  is my  city ,  Boston .

I’m  not  going  to  be naive  here  and  tell you  how  Boston  doesn’t  deserve  the  reputation  that  it receives  as  a   very  racist  city .

It doesn’t  need to   be  seen  as  a  city  that  isn’t  very  welcoming  to minorities ,  because  that’s  not  really  the  truth .

Nor does  it  need  to  be  seen  as  a  city  that black  players  don’t  want  to  play  professional  sports  in.

But it is ,  especially  playing  for  the  Boston  Red  Sox ,  who were  the  last  team  to integrate  major  league  baseball .

That’s  right ,  the  Boston  Bruins  hockey  team  had a   black  player  long  before  that  most  American  of all  sports ,  baseball ,  had one  playing  for the   Boston  Red  Sox  or even  the  New York   Yankees ,  for  that  matter .

Fairly or  unfairly ,  the  perception  of  Boston  as a   town  more racist  than any  city  down  South   goes  back  to  the  busing crisis  in the   1970s  and  1980s .

A lot  of  people  in this  country  haven’t  forgotten  about  it  and still  to this   day ,  they  hold  it against   Boston .

Which  brings  me  back  to  what  do you   do  if  you  happen  to  be  on  a   30  Plus  Teams  Tour  watching  a  game  by yourself  or with  friends  or family   and  someone ,  drunk  or  sober   throws  something  at an  opposing  player  and  calls them  a racial slur .

To their  credit ,  the Red  Sox  handled  the  situation  correctly .

They  offered  Jones  an apology  as did  the  mayor  of  Boston  and  the  governor  of  Massachusetts .

The next  evening  when  the  Orioles  played the  Red Sox  ,  Jones  was  given  a  standing  ovation  by the   Red Sox    fans ,  who  by their  actions  spoke  louder  than  any apology  from  the  team  or public  officials .

The  decent  people  of Boston ,  and believe  me ,  the  city  is full  of  decent  people  of  all  ages,  races and   religions ,  were truly  outraged  and  upset .

They said collectively ,  “Not in  our town  AND  DEFINITELY  NOT  in Fenway  Park .  ”

It was   many  of  these  real Red  Sox  baseball  fans  who  were sitting  in  the  same  area  and  pointed  out  this  numbnut to security ,  who  rightly  escorted  him  out .

This  fool is not  only  banned for  a  few  games  at  Fenway ,  he’s  banned for  LIFE .

Once  again ,  when  you  attend  a  game ,  please  use  some  common  sense  no matter   if it’s  a   baseball ,  hockey ,  football ,  or  basketball  game .

Act like  you’ve  been  there  before  and  don’t  let  your  personal  feelings  about  a race  or gender  get  in the   way.

Be a fan ,  cheer for  your  team  the right  way .

Be  respectful  of  the  players  on the  other  team .

A 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  any  city  should  be  enjoyable  for  everyone .

It shouldn’t  have  to  turn  ugly  because  of  one  person’s  actions .



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