I spent last weekend on my own 30 Plus Teams Tour in the “City of Brotherly Love”, aka Philadelphia.

I was there for the NFL Draft Fan Fest.

That’s the National Football League, folks.

When I’m in town, I normally stay at the Apple Hostel down on Bank Street.

Not this time, thanks to Booking.Com, I think I’ve found a new place.

No, I KNOW I’ve found a new place to stay while I’m in town.

It’s located in the Old City section of the city near Independence Hall among other famous landmarks that Philadelphia is famous for.

If you walk down Market Street and Third, you just might miss the building.

This building reminds me of the type of colonial buildings back home in Boston.

The official name of the building at 325 Cherry Street is the Old City Philly House.

It’s a hostel, and like so many other hostels, you do need a code to get in.

Once you have and you’ve checked in, your shoes do have to come off so as not to mess up the floors, so bring some extra socks with you.

There’s no free breakfasts here, but free coffee and tea all day.

On Thursday through Saturday, there’s Happy Hour from 8pm, where you really get to know your hostel mates.

The decor of the hostel reminds me less of a hostel and more like one of those boutique hotels.

The fact that I was in a mixed dorm wasn’t a problem.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

At some hostels, you could say that you got to know your hostel mates.

At Old City Philly House, I can truly say that I did.

True to this blog , a lot of people staying at the hostel were REALLY doing their own 30 Plus Teams Tour.

They were there for the NFL Draft Fan Fest and just like me in my New England Patriots jersey, some of my hostel mates were representing their favorite football team.

As for the staff, I really did feel at home and even was told by a staff member how much fun I was.

Thank you, Jude! You and your staff ROCK!

When I go back to Philadelphia for another 30 Plus Teams Tour, I’m going to stay at my new go to place in Philadelphia, the house at 325 Cherry Street.

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