Now that  you’ve  figured out  where  you’re  going  to  go, where you’re  going  to  stay, and how you’re  going  to  get there  for your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  let me  share a little  tips  before  you head off to  Philadelphia  to see Benjamin  Franklin ,  Rocky, The Liberty  Bell  and  that Philadelphia  Eagles  football  game .

Some of  these things  are  just common sense .

First of  all   RESEARCH !  RESEARCH !  RESEARCH !

It doesn’t  matter  if it’s  you and the  family ,  you and the  guys  or girls ,  or you by yourself ,  check out where you’re  going  to  stay, what mode of transportation  you’re  going to  take, etc .

Read all the  reviews  you can, not only  for the  place where you’re  going  to  stay, but the attactions you want to  see  as well.

You can even read the  reviews  for the  arenas  and stadiums  where the  game is  being  held.

Speaking  of  which ,  what about those tickets ?

Where will you get those from?

Don’t  even  think  about  going  to  see  a scalper  for  those  tickets   on the day of  the  game.

First of  all ,  it’s  illegal  and shouldn’t  that have been  one of  the  first  things you did, buy those tickets ?

Secondly ,  are those tickets  legitimate ?

You don’t  want  to  ruin the  real  reason  that  you’re  in Atlanta  by having  bogus  Atlanta  Hawks  basketball  tickets .

Stick to  who you  know  and trust .

The most obvious  choice  is the team’s  own website .

You might be  lucky  and pick a game  that’s  either half priced or it’s  giveaway  night.

(Steph Curry bobble head  night in Oakland ! )

When you  all go to  the  arena, an usher will scan your ticket .

If it’s  a bogus  ticket, NO BODY  is getting  in and SOME BODY  who wanted to  impress the family  and  friends   is going  to  be  very embarrassed .

Now, what if you’re  traveling  with  the family  on a bus , train  or plane, what do  you  take to get  to  your  hotel  or hostel ?

You could  take  a  taxi ,  which is  expensive .

You could  take an airport  shuttle  or if your  hotel has their  own  shuttle ,  take that.

You also  could  take public  transportation ,  no matter  if you  take the  bus, train, or plane..

The only  downside  to  this  is what if the bus, train, or plane is no where near  your destination  and you have to  walk to the hostel  or hotel ?

The luggage  is heavy, your  friends are tired , and   so are you  .

Not to  mention  those “are we there yet ? ” looks  you’re  getting  from the  kids and adults .

Now, let’s  say it’s  just little  old you down in Indianapolis  going  to  that Indiana  Pacers basketball  game because  no one  else  wants to  go  with you.

Scary thought ,  hun?

No, not that you’re  going  to  Indiana ,  it’s  the fact that  you’re  going  by yourself .

Not really  because  STAYING  HOME  IS NOT  AN  OPTION !

Go see that basketball  game by yourself .

If this  is  your  30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  don’t  let anyone  steal your  thunder whether  you’re  going to   see the Thunder  play basketball  in Oklahoma  City  or be the Thunder  at a Lightning  hockey  game  down in  Tampa .

If you want to  sit next to  or near Jack Nicholson  at a Lakers basketball  game  in  Los  Angeles  or sit in “celebrity  row” at Madison  Square  Garden  in New York  City ,  why not  if you  can afford  to  roll like that.

Forget  the  fact that  you  had to  work a lot  of  overtime and that on many occasions   you went to  work  very sick just so you could  see your team  play, guess what ?

This is  your  30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

You want to  see  some sports  action  live and in person ,  whether it’s  your favorite  team or  not .

Just be mindful  of  your surroundings  when you go .

Ask the front  desk  clerks  the  best and easiest  way  to  get  to  and from  the  arena .if you’ve  been  in town  for a few  days  before  the  game ,  take a  trial  run on how to  get to  the  stadium .

Do your FB_IMG_1501338934819



FB_IMG_1501596785381FB_IMG_1501597000205FB_IMG_1501597059802FB_IMG_1501596809628FB_IMG_1501596820093You  have  really  enjoyed  your time  in Baltimore ,  Maryland  and you can see why they call it  “Charm  City.”

People  have really  been  friendly  to you all, even  though  you,  your brother  and sister  in law are from Kansas  City ,  Missouri  and have worn your dark  blue  Kansas City  Royals  baseball  shirts  everywhere in  town .

Your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  is bringing  you to  Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards  to see a game .

There’s  lots of  food vendors  selling  all sorts  of  good  food outside  the ball park .

You discovered  that  you can bring  in one of  those delicious   and mouth watering  sausage  and  pepper  sandwiches  into the  park  with you .

You all have a few hours before the  game starts  and you want to  be as close to  the  ballpark  as you  can get.

You could wait an hour before the  game begins and go to  either Boog’s  Barbecue  or Dempsey ‘ s ,  which are both right inside  the ballpark  right before  you  get to  your  seats

Both of  them  are named for two former Orioles  players, Boog Powell   and Rick Dempsey .

You have the feeling  though, that both of  these places  will be  very crowded ,  even though you can smell the food from Boog’s  Barbecue  from where you all are  standing .

Instead, the three of  you head to  a restaurant  that was recommended  by a  colleague  of yours.

It’s  called The  Diamond  Tavern  and it’s  located inside  of  the  Hilton  Hotel .

It’s  a  warm day ,  so the three of  you decide  to  sit outside  and watch  the  people  walk into  the  ballpark ,  because  Diamond  Tavern  is that close  to  Camden  Yards .

Since this is  Maryland ,  it’s  all about  the  seafood  at Diamond  Tavern  as well.

But who said  you can’t  go with  the  flow and have a Bacon  Cheeseburger  and sweet  potato  fries to go with that tall  glass of  Natty  Bohemian Beer ,  which is  to Baltimore  as Samuel  Adams  Beer is to Boston .

You all  really  want desert ,  but decided  against  it .

It’s  almost  time to do what you  all came to  Baltimore  to do.

See a little  baseball  action  at Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards .



FB_IMG_1501595593919As you and your  family  get off the train in the  Canalside  of the city, your son notices a statue of  a hockey  player.

He bends down to  look at  the  plaque and reads the  name.

“Tim Horton ?  Do they mean like the coffeeshops?”

You nod your head.

You explain that among other  teams ,  Horton  also  played for the  Buffalo  Sabres hockey  club.

You explain  to  the children that not only were the coffeeshops  named after  him, he was the person who  founded them.



It’s  your  own 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  and you  and the  girlfriends  are so ready  to  attend  that basketball  /  hockey  /football  or baseball  game .

All of  you  put your  money  together  and  planned  your vacations  around the  same time ,  not only  to  see the  sights of Atlanta ,  Los Angeles ,  New York  or Vancouver ,  Canada, but to see  your favorite  team or teams play in person .

You all are so excited  to  be  sitting  close  to  the  action ,  in seats that you all paid for ,  by the  way ,  but wouldn’t  you know  it, there’s  somebody who just had to  be   ”  that  guy  ”  and ruin the  start of  your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Miami .

It’s  some gentleman  and his friends  who might not be drunk, and  wouldn’t  you know  it, they’re  sitting  right behind  you.

Instead  of  following  the  action  that’s  going  on  tight in front of  you, guess who has their  attention ?

That’s  right, you and  your  besties .

“Hello  ladies !  Would  you  look at  these girls ?  What do  THEY  know  about  sports?!”

If that wasn’t  bad enough ,  this loudmouth  and his friends  have to  add one more  insult.

“They’re  probably  girlfriends  of some of  the players or else here to pick up  one of  the  players. Why else would  they be  here?”

WHAT ? ??!!!!

Now before you allow  some fool to ruin your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  the Bay Area  or anywhere  else ,  think.

You all did come to  see the  Golden  Gate  Bridge ,  ride those cable cars  all day and  eat as much  Asian food   until  you  were full .

The real reason is because   you all wanted to  see a Golden  State  Warriors  basketball  game  in person   at the  Oracle  Arena  in Oakland .

Yes, this is  a travel blog  but it’s  also a  sport’s   blog  and some folks  didn’t  read the  memo that says  women love sports  just as much  as  the men do.

In this case ,  though, what do  you  do if some ignoramus ,  drunk  or not, tries to  mess up your wonderful  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Phoenix ,  Nashville ,  or Montreal ?

Act like  you’ve  been  there before ,  ladies even  if  some  people  chose to  ignore  that memo.

Should  you call security  and have these fools  taken  out?

You say that  you’d  like to  handle  the  situation  yourself  by dumping  that $8.50 beer over his head.

No, remember ,  he’s  already  possibly  drunk and why would  you  want a good  cup of  beer to go to  waste?

Besides, , you don’t  want the highlight  of your New York  Yankees  versus  Boston Red Sox  baseball  game to be remembered  for you all getting  thrown  out of  Fenway  Park, do you ?

That’s  just what’s  going  to  happen .

Do what  I  do when  I  go to  a game.


That’s  right ,  know those  stats on your favorite  player or team because  it’s  obvious  that  Rowdy  Randy  and his entourage  in section  10 didn’t  notice  the football , hockey ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  jerseys  that you  all are wearing .

You all aren’t  fraud  fans.

You’re  here to cheer for  your team, regardless  if they’re  the home or away team .

Where is it written  down  in the Sports Lover’s  Handbook  that only  guys should  be fans and know  Sports ?

News flash, guys.

We’re  going to  cheer for Sidney  Crosby ,  Dak  Prescott ,  Chris Paul  and  Bryce  Harper, just like  you do.

Yeah, we might even  lose our ever minds and yell at  the  referees  and umpires if we disagree  with  a call they made on our team .

Some of  us even plan our vacations  around a sporting  event ,  because  that’s  what a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  is all about .

You say that  we should  stick to  something  that we should  know  about ,  like shopping .

HA HA, you’re  also  a comedian  now, aren’t  you ?

Guess what ,  when we go to  Victoria ‘ s  Secret  or that Michael  Kors Store at Patriots  Place  in Foxboro ,  Massachusetts ,  guess where our next stop is going to  be  on our 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Boston ?

That’s  right ,  it’s  going to  be  right  across  the  plaza to the New England  Patriots  Pro Shop because  SOME BODY left her Tom Brady  jersey back home and she needs a new one  to wear to the  Patriots’ game on Sunday  afternoon .

Excuse  me, what did you  just say?

Oh, that we only look at  the  players  because   “They’re Cute”?

Oh, no you didn’t !

You didn’t  have  to  take it there .

Have you  ever  seen  hockey  players during  playoff time?

Beards everywhere  and some of  them  ain’t  so cute, just saying .

So stop with   the cute thing, bro, really, stop it.

Some of us have been  fans BEFORE some of  you were born and we’re  not going  to  stop now just because  some of  you have a major  problem  with  it.

We do notice if a player just happens  to  be  cute, but we’re women, that’s  how some of  us roll.

But that isn’t  the  only reason  we like somebody  like Clay Matthews  of the Green  Bay  Packers .

We talk smack about sports  on Social  Media  with the girls  AND our guy friends who have no problem  with us  liking   Russell  Wilson and  the  Seattle  Seahawks   .

We’d  rather  talk about  how we love LeBron  James  and  the Cleveland  Cavaliers  basketball  team  all day than talk about  some actor  that  we’ve  never heard  of  or  could care less  about .

So the next time you’re  on your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  do what the guys do- act like you’ve  been  there ,  done  that ,  and  gotten  the  t-shirts ,  no  matter  what  team  you root for .


FB_IMG_1501245516087I’m  sure that I’m  not  telling  you  something  that you haven’t  heard  before .

When  you  start  to  do a little  exploring  on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  please act like you’ve  been  there  before .

When  you’re  on the  escalator ,  no matter  if it’s  on the  subway  in New York  City ,  the Metro  in Washington  DC  or on “The T” in Boston  or Pittsburgh ,  stand to the right, so that people  can pass  on your left.

The  left side is for people who  want to  walk up or down  the  escalator  or stairs .

Please  don’t  block  their way.

Please don’t  stop  in the  middle  of  a  busy street  to take  pictures  or to look at  your map, no matter  what  city you’re  in.

Know where you’re  going  the night before and write the address  down.

Ask your  front desk clerks  the  easiest  way  to  get  to  your destination .

Find out what the weather  is  going  to  be  like when you go and dress accordingly .

I’m  sorry ,  but please  leave  the fanny  packs home .

No, seriously ,  really please leave them  at  home .

Use that transit pass to get around  town just the way the locals  do .

Find out  what  places they eat at and eat there instead of  that restaurant  where the the other  tourists go to.

If you aren’t  sure what train will get you to  a place, ask the person  in the train information  booth to help  you .

Write that address down.

Once again, you should  have  this information  BEFORE you get to  your destination .

Like your hotel or hostel  rooms .

Since this is a blog about going to  see your favorite  or not so favorite  team ,  no where  is act like you’ve  been  there  before more appropriate  than when you’re   attending  a sporting  event.

Just because  the Cleveland  Browns  football  fans are talking  a whole  lot  of  smack  about your beloved  Pittsburgh  Steelers ,  just let it go even though  your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  has brought  you to  Cleveland ,  Ohio .

That’s  right, let it go.

Ignore, and  don’t  respond to  the  madness.

They don’t  call Cleveland  Browns  fans “The Dawg Pound  ” for nothing .

This is  YOUR 30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  remember ?

Don’t  let the haters ruin it for you .

(Besides ,  you know who has the better  team anyway, so just zip your lip.)

Wear that green  and  gold or orange  and  black  colors of your team  proudly ., just like the hometown  fans  do.

Cheer on your team, but don’t  act like an ass about them.

Don’t  get into  a shouting  match with fans of  the  other team  if one of  them makes a comment  about your favorite  team or  player.

Think about  all that money you spent for those tickets.

It’s  not worth  responding  to  and ruining your stadium  or arena  experience .

What happens  if you or one of  your friends  acts up at a game and beer and fists start flying?

Guess who’s  going  to  get thrown  out?

That’s  right, you and your  besties  or you and the family .

Do you want  your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New York  City  to be remembered  forever as “The time that Daddy got us thrown  out  of  Yankees  Stadium ? ”

Just because  some fans are screaming  and  being rowdy ,  like  they  left their manners  at the front gate,  doesn’t  mean that  you  should  follow  suit.

Be loud  and  proud  for your guys if they make some three point shots, hit a home run ,  score a goal or make a touchdown .

Don’t let it get to  the  point  that you’ve  become  “THAT PERSON  “, aka The Obnoxious  Fan .

Please  act like  you’ve  been  there  before .




Somebody  told you that while  you’re  on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Baltimore ,  one of  the  things you should  do besides  eating some crab cakes ,  is attend  a  Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  game  at Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards .

You  might  not be a fan of  the  team, or not even know anything  about  the  game of baseball .

But after the game is over, get yourself  to the  Guests Relations Department ,  which is on the way out.

Tell them that  it’s  your first game there.

Also throw in the  fact that you  had a great  time, because  actually  you will.

Orioles  Park at Camden  Yards  is one of  my favorite  ball parks and I’m  a Yankees  fan.

They will give you  a packet with lots of  Orioles  goodies in it.

One of  which is a certificate  with your name on it and the date that you saw the game.

It  may not seem  like  much, but at a time when a lot of  professional  teams really don’t  seem as though they care about  their true fans, this is a nice gesture by the Baltimore  Orioles . 20170804_183858



When  your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  brings you  to  Pittsburgh ,  aka “The Burg  “, one one  of  the  things to do  is attend a  Pittsburgh  Penguins hockey  game at the  Pittsburgh  Paints Arena in Downtown  Pittsburgh .

You might want to  stop and take  a  picture  of a statue  of a legend  in the  city .

Mario Lemieux ,  who not only  played  for the  team, but he now owns the  team.

This statue stands right in front of  the  arena .

It’s  so big that you  couldn’t miss it, even  if  you  tried .

If you still have trouble  finding  it, just look for the street  that the arena and the statue are located  on.

Mario  Lemieux  Place.FB_IMG_1501246274910