Everybody  wants  to  get away  even  if  it’s  not  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  but  something  always  seems  to  hold  them  back .

Money  could  be  an issue  and if it’s  you, the wife  or husband  and the  kids, that’s  usually  the  case .

Sometimes ,  though ,  it’s  not  the reason  why you  aren’t  making  that  trip to  Oktoberfest  in Germany  or over to  the  Rose City ,  Portland ,  Oregon   to see  a Trail Blazers  basketball  game .

It’s  that big elephant  in the  room   if you’re  a  female  or a  male  that keeps  saying  to you ,  ”  I really  want  to  go, but I  don’t  have  anyone  to  go  with  me . ”

What are you  going  to  do  about  this  problem  that always  seems  to  be in the  way of you having  fun in  Rio DE Janeiro  around Carnival  Time or at that  Miami  Dolphins  football  game ?

There  is  no  place  like home ,  but you  aren’t  in Kansas  anymore  and there’s  that plane, bus, or train  ticket  with YOUR  NAME  printed  on  it.

It’s  telling  you  that “we don’t  want to  stay  at home  “, not when  there are  places  to  see and more Cleveland  Indians  baseball  games  to attend .

How  often  do  you  get to stand on the  Great  Wall  of  China  or take a  ride on  the  London  Eyed ?

If you stay at  home ,  waiting  for  for someone  to  go with  you ,  but they don’t ,  this isn’t  going  to  happen .

Neither will  seeing  Russell  Wilson  and  the  rest of  the  “Legion  of Boom  ” at a Seattle  Seahawks  football  game .

Are you  going  to  miss out  on your chance  to  learn  the tango  in Buenos  Aires  because  your friends  don’t  want to  go?

What about  that Los Angeles  Kings  hockey  game ,  you going to  miss that too because  your  FB_IMG_1490023549439friends  don’t  want  to  go?

That’s  okay, this is  YOUR  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  not your friends .

Get  out there  and  go.

Don’t  stay at home  when  there are so many  places  to  see and a whole  lot  more  games to  attend .

It’s  not an option .


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