I  can’t  stress  this  enough  to  everyone  again  and  again .

You might  be  climbing Mount  Hood.

Or you  might  be  just climbing  the  hills  of  San Francisco  to  go to a Giants   baseball  game  on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

No matter  what ,  just  do it .

Travel .

Don’t  get me  wrong ,  money  to go is very  important ,  but you  can’t put a price  on the  memories  you’ll  have whether  you’re  doing  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  or not .

Just  to be  able  to  say  that  you saw the

Gateway  Arch in St.  Louis  and not in  a  book or one of  those  travel  shows  or magazines .

You  were actually  THERE.

Money  can’t  buy  any of  those  memories .

Travel  not because  there’s  that Maple  Leafs  hockey  game  that you want  to  see  in Toronto   or those  relatives  in Japan  that you’ve  never heard  of ,  but finally  got  to  meet .

Travel  somewhere  and not just  on a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  but anywhere  because  you might  not have  the  chance  to  do it  again .

Don’t  spend  your time  when  you  get  older  wishing  that you  could  have seen  Lambeau  Field  in Green  Bay  or Wrigley  Field  in  Chicago  or even  those  White Cliffs  of Dover  close  up.

Travel  when  you  get  the  chance ,  even  if  it’s  just  you.

Travel  and see those  places you only  read about  or heard  about  from  people  who  actually  went  there.

Travel  because  life  is  short and you may never  get the  chance .

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