The  three  of  you  wanted  a little  rest  and relaxation  on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City .

Your cousin ,  though ,  seems  to  be  very  excited  by the  big ship on the pier, in front  of  the  three  of  you .

“Look  at  that ship! !  Is that a   PLANE on top of  it?!”

You all  walked from  your  hotel  in the  theater District  to an area of New York  City  near the  Hudson  River  known  as  ”  Hell’s  Kitchen . “.

The  area received  this  Nam  from a policeman  who was telling  another  policeman ,  that this  area was “as hot as a kitchen  _ Hell s  Kitchen  ”

This  area was known  for  all sorts  of  illegal  activities ,  not anymore .

You are all  are  spending  part of  the  day gazing  up at the  big battleship  sitting  on  Pier 86 right  in front  of  you .

You all  would  cross  the  street  to get a  closer  look  at  it ,  but  you can’t .The  street  across  from  the  three  of  you  just  happens  to  be  the  West  Side  Highway .

In order  to  get  a  real up close  and  personal  look, you have to  walk  over to the  pedestrian  bridge  that  goes right  8 very the highway .

It’s  the INTREPID    and it just  isn’t  a battleship  that was used in World  War  I  I  and Vietnam ,  it’s  also  a  museum .

In 1986, it was named  a National  Historical  Landmark .

You wanted  to  try to visit  the  museum ,  but it hasn’t  opened  yet.

That is a plane on top of  the  ship .

That wasn’t  the  only  thing  on the  deck  of  the  ship either .

A submarine  and the Space Shuttle  Enterprise  are on the  deck as well .

You wonder  where  do they  have  any room  to put anything  else on that ship ?

As you walk  back across  the  bridge ,  you have  to  shake  your head.

Even the ships in  New  York  City  seem  to  be  larger  than  life.


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