I keep  telling  you  that  staying  at  home  is not  an  option .

No  matter  if you’re  traveling  to  see  the  sights  of  Paris ,  France  or to  do your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  to see  LeBron  and the  rest of  the  Cavaliers  play  some  basketball  in Cleveland .

I’ve  said  this  so many times  that  I’ll  bet you’re  saying  to yours yourselves

,What  about you ,  SportsDiva ?”

Do you  follow  your  own  advice  and travel  by yourself ?

Is staying  home  not an option  for  you ?

I  can  honestly  tell  you  that  in most  of  my  64 years  on earth ,  Praise  God ,  staying  at  home  because  there  wasn’t  any one  else  to go  with  me has NEVER  been  an option .

While  I  have  traveled  with  friends ,  most  of  the  time  my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  has consisted  of  three people .


Again ,  if I  had  waited  for  someone  to  travel  with  me, I  would  have  never  seen   the Merlion in  Singapore ,  The Tower  of  London ,  The Petronas  Tower in Malaysia ,  the Sydney  Opera  House  or the Sydney  Harbor  Bridge .

No, I  didn’t  do the Sydney  Harbor  Bridge  climb.

That was NOT an option .

In my own  country ,  I  once  took  a  day trip  to  Providence ,  Rhode  Island ,  of all  places .

Providence  is a nice city, by the  way ,  very underrated .

There was  no  particular  reason  why I  went there .

I didn’t  know  anyone .

Wait  a minute ,  yes there was a  reason  why I  went  there.

Providence  was there and I   just wanted  to  see  it because  I  can  if I  want  to .

I live in  New York  City  and sometimes ,  you just need to  get  out of  town  for the  day, even if  it’s  just to get out of  your  house in the  suburbs  of  New York  and see one of  the  many  things  that  the Big Apple  has to offer .

You can  even  do that  whether  you’re  doing  a day trip  in your hometown  of  Toledo, Ohio  or Toledo  ,  Spain .

As the song goes, “When you see a chance ,  take  it.”

I don’t  wait  for  friends  or relatives  to go with

me and  neither  should  you.

Don’t  wait  for  anyone  to  go  with  you  whether  you’re  doing  that 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charlotte ,  North  Carolina  to catch  a  Hornets  basketball  game  or if you’re  traveling  to  London ,  England  or London ,  Ontario ,  Canada .

Follow  my advice  and suggestions .

Don’t  wait  for  anyone  to  travel  with  you .

Just  pack that bag and go.


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