You  haven’t  decided  where  you  all  are  going  to  go for  your  next  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  but  you  have  an idea .

You  want  to  see  the  Pacific  Ocean  up  close  and  personal ,  plus  you   want  to  see  a San  Diego  Padres  baseball  game .

There’s  one  problem  though .

Your friend  doesn’t  want  to  take  a  plane  all that  way.

Yes, she’s  afraid  of  flying  and neither  of  you  know  how  to  drive .

As for  taking  a  bus  or train ,  forget  that .

It’s  not  happening .

You  don’t  want  to  take  a  trip  to  Japan  or somewhere  in Europe ,  because  if your  friend  is afraid  of being  in a plane  for  five  hours ,  how  is she going  to  feel  about  a 12 hour flight ?

Wait a minute ,  isn’t  this  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour ?

Why are  we talking  about  Europe  or Asia ?

What  are  you  going  to  do then ?

Are  you  going  to  leave  your friend  at home  and go by yourself ?

Or are  you  going  to  stay home and  not go anywhere ?

That second  choice  is not going  to  happen  because  staying  home  is NOT  an  option  whether  you’re  doing  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  or not .

You  love  to  travel ,  no matter  where it is ,  and so does  your  friend ,  just not to places  where she’s  on a plane  for longer  than  three hours ,  time  change  or not .

What do  you  do  then?

Why not  have  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of the  city  where  you  live ?

You heard  me right .

A stay cation  for your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

What fun is that?

I know  what  you’re  thinking .


Not really .

Pretend  that  you’re  a tourist  in your  city.

You can’t  stay  in  a  hostel  because  most of  them  don’t  accept  guests  that  live less than 90 miles  away ,  but who said  for a  few  days ,  a weekend  or even  a  week ,  you can’t  be a  tourist  in your  own  city?

Still unsure  about  this ?

You can’t  tell  me  that if you  live  in  Los Angeles ,  Chicago ,  Toronto ,  or Washington  DC ,  you’ve  seen  EVERYTHING   that  your city has to offer .

If you  have ,  then  I  have some  swampland  in Florida  to sell you.

As long  as  you  have the  money  to  pay ,  do  you  think  that  the  Ritz  Carlton   , Westin,  or Sheraton  hotels  are going  to  turn  you away just because  you’re  doing  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  in Houston ,  Dallas  or Phoenix ,  and you just happen  to  live in one  of  those  cities ?

No, take that Uber, or subway ,  pack your suitcase  and play   the role  of  a  tourist .

Have fun at that Dallas  Cowboys ,  Houston  Texans  Astros  ,  or Arizona Coyotes   games that you  all  worked  overtime  for.

You may have lived in New York ,  New York   all your lives, but trust me, as big as the city is, you HAVEN’T  seen  it  all.

If you say that  you  have, forget about  that swampland  in Florida .

I’ve  got a big bridge  to sell you.

We were all born  to roam  somewhere ,  believe  it  or  not .

How about  roaming  in your  own  backyard ?

That’s  right ,  explore  your  own  comfort  zone .

You don’t  have to  stay in the Motel  Hotel  or the Do Drop Inn across  the  street  from  where  you  live.

That defeats the whole  purpose  of  being  a  tourist  in your  own  city .

You live outside  of  Philadelphia ,  just hop on that SEPTA train  and stay in  the  Center  City  area of the  city ,  right  near the  Liberty  Bell .

Like the  tourists  do.

You say that  you’ve  never seen  Independence  Hall?

That’s  it, right behind  that building  where the  Liberty  Bell  is kept .

Go to  the  Philadelphia  Museum  of  Art and  run up the  stairs  like  Rocky  did.

The tourists  are doing  it, why not  you?

Take  selfies  of yourselves  being silly   just like  you see the  tourists  doing.

Oh, you do that anyway ,  sorry.

When you go to  a  Philadelphia  Eagles  football  game  at Lincoln  Financial  Field  or a Phillies  baseball  game  at  Citizens  Bank Park ,  you and your  friends  aren’t  going  back to  your  homes outside  of  Philadelphia ,  you’re  tourists ,  remember ?

You’re  going  back  to  the  hotel .

You might  even  order  from  room  service   when you  get  back because  you can .

This  stay cation  thing even works even  if  you  aren’t  doing  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

You say that  you  live in  London  or Paris  and you’ve  seen  everything  in those  cities ?

Sure you have, people .

Get real, please .

There’s  so  much to  see  and explore .

Some  of  it right  under your nose in your  city.

Be a tourist  in yFB_IMG_1486814268189our own  city .


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