You  and  the  girlfriends  are  on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Boston .

You’re  in the  Financial  District  of  Boston ,  but  one of  these  buildings  is surrounded  by  all these skycrapers .

It looks  out  of  place .

It’s  one  of  the  stops  on the  Freedom  Trail .

It’s  known  as  the  Old Statehouse .

It’s  not   majestic   like the  “new” statehouse  is on Beacon  Hill .

In colonial  times ,  this was a    majestic   building ,  with  the  two  lions  on either  side  of  the  building .

The gold  lions  on the  building  were symbols  of  Great  Britain .

The Lions that are there now  are replicas .

The original  ones were torn down  by the  colonists .

This  is  the  place  where  the  Boston  Massacre  took  place .

It wasn’t  a massacre ,  per se, but to the  colonists ,  it was .

It began  when someone young Bostonians ,  adults  and  children ,  began  throwing  snowballs  and other things  at the  British  soldiers ,  who were just  doing  their  job ,  guarding  the  state house .

One of  the  soldiers  got scared, and began  shooting ,  killing  and wounding  some of  the  crowd .

As a result ,  the colonists  considered  this   a “massacre  “.

There is  a  plaque  in front showing  you where this  took  place .


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