I  just  passed  another  birthday  on January  29th ,  Praise  God ,  and  I  don’t  think  that  I  need  to  tell  you  how  much  I  love  to travel ,  whether  it’s  somewhere  else or my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

Forget  that a lady  never  tells  her age boo  crap.

I can  say that  by the  grace  of  God , I  made  it  to  age  64 .

I have  been  to England ,  Australia  twice ,  Singapore  and  Malaysia  internationally .

I  can’t  even  count  the number  of  times  that I’ve  been  to Canada  and  some  states  in my own  country  too numerous  to mention .

Yes, I’m  not  going  to  lie ,  most of  my trips  to  Canada  and  the  United  States  have  been  for my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

I  worked 10 years  for two  airlines ,  Delta  and  Malaysia  Airlines ,  which  allowed  me to  do most  of  my travelling .

Now that I’m  no longer  working  for the  airlines  ,  that isn’t  stopping  me from  doing  my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

It shouldn’t  stop you   either .

You say that  you  don’t  want  to  fly?

What ,  you’ve  never  heard  of  Greyhound ,  Megabus  or Amtrak ?

How many times  have you  thought  about  going  to  Hawaii  or seeing  a  baseball  game  at Wrigley  Field  in Chicago ?

It was just  a  dream  and you  were only  thinking  about  it ?

Stop with the  dreaming  and thinking  stuff .

Do it all ready ,  because  you can   if you  really  want  to .

You don’t  even  have  to  go  with  anyone .

That’s  right ,  I said  go by yourself .

I don’t  have to  remind  you  how  FB_IMG_1490018523554-1 many places  to  go  and things  to  see there are  in the  world .

I’m  not  telling  you  something  that  you  don’t  already  know .


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