You’re  on your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  either  Salt Lake  City  or The Twin Cities  of Minneapolis  /  St .  Paul .

Or you  could  be  going  to  another  country  all together  like   Japan ,  South  Africa   or even  the  Czech  Republic .

You don’t  know  ANY BODY   in the  place  you’re  going  to .

You’re  very  nervous  but  also  wicked  excited  to  see  the  beaches  of  Thailand .

Going  to  Shanghai  and Saigon  have been  on your  bucket  list  forever .

So has that 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Kansas  City ,  Missouri  to eat some  fantastic  barbecue  and to see a Royals  baseball  game .

If you  decide  to  go  solo on your  trip ,  you think  that  you’re  going  to  go because  there’s  no one  else  to go  with  you .

Once  again ,  staying  home  is NOT  an  option .

Don’t  wait  for  anyone  to  go  with  you .

As much  as  you  may not think  so, you WILL meet  new people  no matter  where  you  go.

Some  of  them  might  end up  being  your  Facebook ,  Instagram ,  Pinterest ,  Twitter  or Snap Chat  buddy ,  because  face it, it seems  as though  half  the  world  is on Social media .

If you  happen  to  stay in one  of  the  many  hostels  in the United  States  or the rest of  the  world ,  you will  definitely  meet  new people  who just might  become  friends .

If you  don’t ,  that’s  on you,no one else .

You’re  going  to  learn  new things  from people  who are  more than

happy  to  show  you  new ideas  and  customs.

You  say that  you  really  love  Spanish  foods?

Guess  what ,  that  couple  from  Barcelona  who are  staying  in the  hostel  are going  to  teach  you  how  to  make  Paella  Valencia .

They’re  also  going  to  tell  you  what  you  should  be  drinking  with it and it’s  not Coca-Cola  or a  Corona  Beer  with  a  lime wedge.

They even  invited  you  to  visit  them  in Spain .

That’s  not  going  to  happen  if you stay at home .

Just  because  you’re  on that  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  Orleans ,  you’ll  definitely  see things  that you  won’t  see in Jordan  or Wales   or even  in The Big Apple ,  because  that’s just  how  New Orleans  rolls .

You’ll  even  try  foods  in New Orleans  that you  haven’t  even  thought  of  trying ,  let alone  eating .

Alligator  meat, anyone ?

That’s  just  what  travel  does  whether  you’re  on that trip  to  Costa  Rica  or that 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Cincinnati .

You’ll  eat foods  that you  swore that you would  NEVER  eat.

To your  surprise ,  those  Garlic  Fries  that  you  had at the  San Francisco  Giants  baseball  game were so good ,  that you had to  run back to  the  concessions  stand and get another order .

This time, not for  your friends ,  but for just  you.

That’s  what  travel  does to and for you.

Travel  shows  you  all the  differences  between  us  and  let’s you know  that it’s  okay .

Travel  shows you all the  things  that  you  heard about  a particular  city or country  or state  just wasn’t  true  at all .

Most of  all, travel  shows you that wherever  you  go ,  remember  that  you’re  a guest  there ,  so act accordingly .



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