Have you ever been sitting down with your friends or colleagues and all they seem to want to talk about isn’t their children or grandchildren, if they have any?

They want to go on and on about their trips, whether it be a trip to Hawaii or visiting some relative in some foreign country that you’ve never heard of, let alone locate on a map.

Do you find yourself getting somewhat jealous, wishing that it could be you on one of those beaches in the Caribbean, sipping on some cool drink that the bartenders back home don’t know how to make?

You even wish that you could do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of San Antonio, Texas, not only to visit The Alamo, but to see that San Antonio Spurs basketball game up close and personal.

Do you feel left out when relatives talk about their adventures in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin, Germany?

You hate to admit it, but you’ve never even heard of some of these places, therefore, you have no desire to go.

You feel the same way about places in your own country.

Do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Los Angeles, New Orleans, or New York City?

No way.

Those don’t sound like places that you want to visit.

You’ve seen pictures and movies about LA.

Too many fake people, too many freeways, and too many cars and gangs.

New Orleans has too many weird traditions for your taste.

Too many foods that you wouldn’t THINK of eating and by the way, don’t they speak French there?

As for going to New York City?


That place is WAY TOO BIG for a small town guy or gal like you.

Too many rude people who always seem to be in a hurry.

Plus, riding on one of those dirty, noisy subways scare you.

You think to yourself, though, why do so many people from all walks of life do it so often?

Travel that is.

Even your neighbors are doing it.

You wonder just what are you missing by not taking a trip somewhere.

People are going to places like Morocco or Russia, or even doing their own 30 Plus Teams Tour of Atlanta, which isn’t a plane or train ride away from you.

It’s basically in your backyard.

What’s stopping you?

If “Hotlanta” is in your backyard, explore the city on a day off or over the weekend.

Get to know not only your city, but other cities as well 

There are a gazillion of them all over the world.

Visit Mexico City, Mexico to understand just why The Day of The Dead is so important to your neighbors, who are from Mexico.

You say that you really don’t need or want to travel because everything you need to see is in your hometown.

Sorry, but that sounds ignorant and it really makes you seem uninformed about the world around you.

News flash, your town DOESN’T have everything that you need to see, even if your town is Athens, Greece or Athens, Georgia.

You might never have been told this by anybody, so let me be the first.


Don’t be afraid to take that first step when it comes to travel.

Get informed, do some research.

Buy some travel guidebooks, even if you aren’t going to Jamaica, France, or Miami.

Once you have taken that first step, a whole new world opens up to you.

Those stereotypes that you had about a particular place or people slowly disappear.

You’ll be able to say to your friends and colleagues, ,”Yes, not only can I locate Seoul, South Korea on a map, I’ve actually been there.”

You can then add with a smile:

“Let me tell YOU all about it!”


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