You and the friends can’t decide where to go on your next 30 Plus Teams Tour.

One of them suggests either San Francisco, Salt Lake City or Miami.

Still another one says”What about Chicago?”

If that’s not bad enough, your sister, who is going with you all, puts in her two cents.

“What about Washington DC AND ATLANTA?!, ” she said, excitedly

But what about you?

Isn’t this YOUR 30 Plus Teams Tour also?

Believe it or not, NONE of these cities are appealing to you right now.

What do you do?

Should you be a”Debbie Downer” and make everybody miserable with your constant whining?

Do you want to spend more of your time wishing that you didn’t go at all and you aren’t afraid to let EVERYONE know it?


No, really stop it.

Suck it up and go by yourself.

That’s right, go by yourself.

You had your heart set going to either Nashville, Boston, Toronto or Montreal.

Guess what?

Do your research, buy your tickets and tell everyone else see ya on the next 30 Plus Teams Tour stop.

Just go.

You have no hotel reservations and you don’t really feel like Airbnb is an option?

You always wanted to stay in a hostel, you’re by yourself now, so do it.

Hostels are an alternative to a hotel.

They’re inexpensive and you can make new Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram friends.

Can you say that if you stated at a Ritz-Carlton or Holiday Inn?

Once again, there’s a problem.

No, it’s not money.

It’s not even where you want to go or even what game or games you want to go to.

Those are the easy questions.

It’s that elephant in the room that seems not to want to leave.


You want to know should you stay home and be miserable or have the time of of your life if you go by yourself.

Okay, you know my response, but I’m going to say it again in case some of you didn’t get that memo.

Staying home is NOT an option.

Neither is going somewhere and having a really miserable time, even if you are going with your girls or your homies.

If you do go by yourself, I can’t stress this enough.

Do your research before you get to your destination.

Act like you’ve been there before, even if you haven’t and be mindful of where you should or shouldn’t go.

You want to do that 30 Plus Teams Tour of Detroit, right?

Unless you really want to see Eight Mile Road, there’s really no need to go there, even if you are the biggest Eminem or Rap Music fan there is.

Don’t feel strange sitting in a restaurant by yourself in Memphis or Dallas.

It’s not weird and you probably won’t be the only one doing it.

Use that time wisely to study that map so that you’ll know where you’re going in either Kansas City, Missouri or Kansas City, Kansas.

Take time to view your surroundings, especially while you’re in San Antonio or San Diego.

Do some people watching in either Los Angeles, New York City or Miami.

If anyone asks where your husband is, just lie.

No really, lie.

It’s nobody’s business if you’re by yourself, unless you choose to tell them.

My advice is say nothing, keep the lie going as long as you can.

If you happen to be at a Cavaliers basketball game in Cleveland, and you’re by yourself, the heck with everybody and their mama.

Be the fan that you are.

Bust out that LeBron James jersey and scream and tell for YOUR TEAM just like everyone else is doing at “The Q”.

It’s your 30 Plus Teams Tour and you’re there to enjoy YOURSELF.

You did your research, and you decided to go, even though no one else wanted to go with you.

Guess what?

You did it and you really had an AWESOME TIME!

Better yet, the hardest part of your trip is over.

You know, the part where you couldn’t decide to stay at home and have a”pity party” because nobody wanted to go with you.

You did go by yourself, had a great time and it wasn’t so bad.

You think that you might do it again.


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