FB_IMG_1488560769139You’ve  followed  the  Freedom  Trail  all the  way  to  Faneuil  Hall .

All around  this area   are reminders  of  Boston’  s past .

Like that  building  with  the  clock in the  middle , that used to  be  the  Customs House .

Now it’s  a hotel .

It’s  picture  time with Faneuil  Hall  I  the background .

Then, as now, Faneuil  Hall  was a  place to  meet  as well  as  a  place  to  buy goods .

In colonial  times ,  it was  a  place  to protest  against  the  British  rule .

Some  of  these  protesters back then might have  been  college  students  in Boston ,  just like  the  four  of  you .

Right  in front  of  Faneuil  Hall  is a  statue  of  someone  who  you gather  is very important  and famous ,  judging  by  the  many people  taking  pictures .

Indeed  this statue  is of someone  very famous  in Boston  and  American  history .

It’s  Samuel  Adams ,  now  known  as  ”  The  Beer  Guy.” .

But to the  British ,  he was  ”  public  enemy  number one.”

He was  not only  a Patriot and  we aren’t  talking  about  the  football  team ,  he was an ORIGINAL  New England  Patriot.

By the  way ,  he really  did brew beer.

You just  can’t   make  up  this  stuff  about  some  of  the  Founding  Fathers  of  Boston ,  they had real jobs while  doing  all this  plotting  against  the  British .

You all  walk  into  one of  the  many gift  shops  and  see a tee    shirt you  really  want  to  get.

It reads: “BOSTON  -STRONG  SINCE 1630.”

The streets  around  the  area  haven’t  changed  since 1630 either, it seems .

They’re  still  cobblestone  and  you all still  have  trouble  walking  on them  just like  did  when you  first came to  Boston  all those  many  years  ago .

One of  the  girls  wants  to  go  into  the  Victoria  Secret   store.

Not the rest of  you  though .

You see a  statue  that all of  you  recognize .

It’s  the  statue of  the  late Boston  Celtics  legendary  coach ,  Red Auerbach .

He’s  got a  cigar in his hand, just like  he used to  whenever  the Celtics  won a  game .

All of  this  sightseeing  and shopping  has made you all really  hungry .

It’s  a  cold, crisp  New England  day.

It’s  time for  some comfort  food ,  like a  bowl  of  New  England  Clam  Chowder .

Or at least  that was  comfort  food  to four teenagers  straight  outta San Diego  so many  years  ago .



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