After  you’ve  gone  down  to  Baltimore  for your own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  it’s  now time to  go to  the  city that’s  all about  the  three   M’  s  – museums ,  monuments  and  memorials .

It’s  our Nation’s  Capital ,  Washington  DC .

This  is  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  so it’s  all  about  the  sports ,  too.

There’s  four  teams  to check  out .

The Capitals  in hockey ,  the Wizards  in basketball ,  and  the Nationals  in baseball .

In football  in the   Capital  City ,  it’s  all about  the  the Washington  Redskins .

In a town  where politics  dominates  EVERYTHING, it’s  not  that  surprising  that  politics  are going  to  creep into  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

Some  people  would  like  it if the  Redskins  would  change  their  name  to something   other than  a  name that  some  people  find  offensive .

Others  just wish  that the people  who  are  doing  the complaining  would  just  go away  so that they can enjoy  watching  their  football  team  play .

You didn’t  come  to  the  city  to get into  this  debate and I’m  not  going  to  tell  how you  or I should   feel  about  this  name  change  debate .

You  came  here to  see some  football  at FedEx  Field ,  where the  team  plays.

Yes, you can even  take  the  Metro  to get there .

Bring  that  camera  with you to  Washington .

All those  monuments ,  memorials  and  museums , this  is  a  photographer’s  dream .

A lot of  them  are free.

Even  the National  Zoo is free, and you know  that  you  just can’t wait  to  see  all those  Pandas .

Washington  is all about  the  neighborhoods .

Dupont  Circle ,  Anacostia ,  Capital  Hill ,  The Waterfront ,  Adams  Morgan  and even  Georgetown .

You can  even  take  a  side trip  down  to  Richmond ,  Virginia  or visit  George  Washington’s  home in Mount  Vernon .

You can  even  take public  transportation  to  get  to  both  of  these places .

You could  buy a day pass for traveling  but get yourself  a reloadable   Smart Pass just like  the  good  folks  of DC  do.

Remember ,  it’s  the Metro ,  not the subway  in town .

You’ll  be  able  to  see them   because  the stations  have the big black letter M on the stations .

Bring  your  sneakers ,  too.

It’s  all about  power walking  in Washington  DC .


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