Why do you travel?

So many people and not just travel bloggers have been asked this question, mostly by people who have traveled most of their lives or mostly by people who don’t travel at all or really have no desire to travel anywhere.

I don’t think that I need to tell you my feelings on people who have no desire to travel ANYWHERE, let alone in their own state or country.

I’ll just let that train leave that station and keep it moving.

For the rest of you though, I have to ask.

Why do you travel?

Is it to see the sights that you’ve never seen before?

Is it because many of your friends and family have been to these places that you’ve only read or heard about, but you haven’t and you wonder what it is that you’re missing about this place?

Do you travel to visit friends and relatives?

Do you travel because you’re getting older and you might not get the chance to see the places that you want to?

Do you travel to remember a place that was special to you?

Do you travel for work maybe?

Do you travel to a place because the last time you were there was either during World War 2, the Korean War or the Vietnam War?

Do you travel because your children or grandchildren have seen all those commercials about Disneyland or Disney World?

Admit it, though, you want to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as much as they do.

Do you travel just because all those travel”experts” say that you should?

Do you travel because you’re suffering from F.O.M.O., you know the fear of missing out and you want to see the newest”in spot” that everybody is talking about and seems to have visited more than once?

Or are you like me?

Do you travel because you’re doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of some ballpark, stadium or arena.

Just why do YOU travel?


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