Goodbye, Music City!

It’s 7am and while your hostel mate is sleeping, you’re in your car on your way back home to St. Louis.

You should be home in a matter of hours since St. Louis isn’t that far.

You were happy that it wasn’t your hostel mate who got hit in the face with a pie, courtesy of the Nashville Predators mascot, Gnash at the hockey game last night at Bridgestone Arena.

She was in the bathroom when it happened.

You’ll never forget Nashville as you see the road sign that says”WELCOME TO MISSOURI”.

You won’t forget how all the buildings in the city seem to have something to do with music.

No one can tell you that the Country Music Hall of Fame doesn’t look like piano keys.

You didn’t think you’d like the Grand Old Opry Tour since you really aren’t that big of a Country Music fan, but you did.

You loved Nashville’s Broadway a lot better than New York’s Broadway.

New York City might be “The City That Never Sleeps” , but people in Nashville didn’t seem to sleep that much, either.

They were too busy making music and not just country music, either.

Most of all, you will never forget how FRIENDLY the people of Nashville were.

No one seemed too busy to answer your 50 million questions about directions to a place.

They even told you about places that you hadn’t even thought of seeing while you were in town.

The motto of the Downtown Nashville Hostel where you stayed, said all you needed to know about Music City:




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