You  and your  husband  have  finally  made it .

You are at the   part of  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Detroit  that  you  really  waited  for .

You are both  going  to  the Joe Louis  Arena  for a  Detroit  Red Wings  hockey  game .

The free shuttle  bus  service  has brought  you both  from  The  Hockey town  Cafe in Downtown  Detroit  to the  place  they affectionately  known   as “The Joe.”

Detroit  calls itself  “Hockey  Town” and the two  of  you  can see why as you take  the  bus  with  some  of  the  other fans.

It wasn’t  playoff  time ,  but it might  as well  have been .

Everything  screamed out the  color  red as the two  of  you  followed  the  crowd up the  stairs  to  the  arena .

Whether  it was  the  color  of  the  stairs  to the bright  red uniforms  of the  Red Wings  and their fans, the color  red was everywhere .

You  walked  past the statues and pictures  of  of the  team’s  alumni  and watched  a  lot of  fans take  pictures .

You and your husband  had your pictures  taken  also ,  not just selfies  either .

But the  two  of  you just had to  take  a  selfie  in front  of the  street  sign with the  address  of  The  Joe, 19 Steve  Yzerman  Drive .

It was easy to  see why this  team  and this  arena was so special  to  Detroit .

Everyone ,  no matter  what  their  age, gender, or ethnicity ,  seemed  to  be  all in with this  team .

The music in the arena  was good and the atmosphere  was fun, as everyone  seemed  to  be be in the music ,  young and old .

There was a lot of  singing  and  dancing ,  which you both figured was in everybody’s  blood .

This was the  home of  Motown ,  right ?

Even  though  your seats were high up,and not  that comfortable ,  you didn’t  care.

You were in Detroit  to see your team  play .

This  would  be  the  last year of the arena as the team  was going to  be  playing  in  their  new arena  in Downtown  Detroit  next year .

You look  around  one last time  at the American  and Canadian  flags hanging  high above  the  arena  as well as the championship  banners  and  the retired numbers  of  some  of  the  former  players .

When the game ends, you and your  husband  are happy  the Red Wings won, but you’re  also  very sad.

You’ll  never see this  arena  again .

As you all don’t  want to  wait for  a  cab, like the other fans, you’re  going  to  pay your 75 cents and take the driverless  train  that goes through  Downtown  Detroit  called  the  People  Mover.

You  get off at  the  Milender Station  stop, which  is  the  closest  stop to your hotel .

Your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Detroit  ends with a  final goodbye  to  that arena known  as  “The Joe  “


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