Washington  DC  is so full of  museums  and  monuments ,  you wonder  that  since  you’re  going  to  the  Verizon  Center ,  aren’t  there  any close  to  the  arena  so that  you  you can  kill  some  time ?

The answer  is  right  in front  of  you .

It’s  basically  across  the  street  from  the  Verizon  Center .

It’s  the  National  Portrait  Gallery .

It’s  a  part of  the  Smithsonian  and it’s  free.

With so many  portraits  to see ,  of course  you did  your research  on which  ones you  want  to  see.

The  security  guards let you  know  that  you  can’t  take  pictures  of  some  of  the  portraits .

You’ve  noticed  during  your time  here in  DC ,  some  visitors  seemed  to  be  “reading  challenged”.

If a sign says “NO photography  allowed  ” on certain  pictures ,  why  are you  breaking  out the  camera phone  or that fancy Nikkon Camera you brought  with you  to take pictures ?

There are so many  photo opportunities  in town   that a few that you  can’t  take  in the National  Portrait  Gallery  won’t  make  that big of a  difference .

This is  the Nation’s  Capital ,  so of course  there has to  be  a section  on the  President’s .

Portraits  of  George  Washington  seem  to  be  everywhere .

Even  that big monument  that seems  to  be  all over the city was named after  him.

He’s  not the only  president  whose  portraits  you see a lot of  though .

You’re  not sure anyhow many portraits  of  Lincoln  and FDR you’ve counted .

You’ve  looked  at all the the portraits  that you want to  see  in this  museum .

It’s  time  to  walk  over to  the  Verizon  Center  and do something  that local  hockey  fans   call “Rocking  The Red.”


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