OK, you’ve answered the question of where to go, what to see.

You even answered the question of how are we going to get there.

Now for the last and final question, which should be the most important question in your mind.

Where are we going to stay?

Unfortunately, this is the part of your 30 Plus Teams Tour that may take up most of your time, if not your money.

We won’t even get into the money that you’re going to spend for those tickets to the game.

Worry not, though, with some careful planning and yes, research, you all should be ready to hit Portland, Oregon, Miami, and Dallas.

Speaking of research, no matter if it’s just you, you and the family, or you with the buddies, SOMEBODY should be doing some kind of research somewhere.

Doesn’t matter if you get your information from a guidebook, the internet, somebody’s recommendation, or a blog like this one, DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!

You want to be sure that hotel that boasts”It’s the closest hotel to Wrigley Field in Chicago”, really is and not somewhere in Outer Mongolia.

Check and make sure.

Most of the hotels give you their website and phone number.

Use them.

You might get a cheaper rate from the hotel itself and not the 800 number.

You may be fortunate enough to stay with friends or relatives on your 30 Plus Teams Tour.

They may even like the same teams you do.

Or they might not even be into sports and don’t get this idea of traveling into a city just to watch some guys shoot hoops, throw footballs, score goals or hit baseballs.

What if you bringing the family or friends that your relatives don’t really know or have never met?

After awhile, it’s not going to be much fun, especially if you want to hang out late with the guys or if the game goes into overtime.

Not too pretty and very inconsiderate to your relatives.

This is why you need a hotel room when you’re on your tour.

Yeah, you’re saving money by staying with Aunt Marylou, but is the hassle worth it by being cheap and staying with relatives?

If it’s just you, you have another option, which I’ll get into later.

You and the family could splurge for a hotel such as the Intercontinental or Renaissance chain of hotels, but really, after spending all that money for food, airfare, new clothes, (because EVERYBODY has got to be matching wearing either that Klay Thompson, Step Curry or Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors basketball jerseys when you go to the Bay Area.)not to mention the tickets at the 50 yard line for that New England Patriots football game, you NEED a break on your hotel.

You could go with one of the Hampton Inns, which are really family friendly and they have free breakfast.

That’s right, free breakfast, as in the waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs, coffee and juice type of free breakfast.

You could go for the hotels that have kitchenettes like Embassy Suites or Best Westerns.

How does a Motel Six sound?

Stop snickering, I didn’t stutter, I did say Motel Six.

Some of them aren’t that bad.

Oh you say these hotels aren’t an option for you?

You want to be as close to the action of the city and even closer to the arena or stadium?

No worries.

Some of the hotels have shuttles to get you around town and the arena.

Public transportation is an idea, just get yourself a day pass.

Lots of the arenas are easy to get to by public transportation.

Take advantage of it.

You could even let your feet do the walking if you’re that close to the arena.

While other fans are waiting on the train or light rail, you and the girls are back in the hotel, munching on the big pizza pie and some beer that you ordered.


Oh, I get it now.

You want to stay in the same hotel that the players stay in.

Aren’t you Mr and Mrs Moneybags?

That might be possible, but sorry, Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks football team DON’T stay at the Red Roof Inn or the Comfort Inn, no matter how fancy the name sounds.

If you really want to know where the players stay at, you’re going to have to do some real research.

No, I didn’t say anything about stalking.

That money you saved up for was for your trip to the”Big A” in Anaheim to watch the Angels play baseball.

It shouldn’t be used to bail you out of the Big House just because you want to hang out in the lobby of the hotel where the Chicago Cubs baseball team stays when they’re in Milwaukee.


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