After  much debate  with  your cousins ,  you decided  that  the next stop on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New York  City  is going to  be  Roosevelt  Island .

You saw it as you all were on the Edward  Koch 5th Street  Bridge .

This bridge  separates the boroughs  of Manhattan  and Queens.

The three of  you are actually  going to  step  foot  on this island  that sits on the  East River between  Manhattan  and Queens .

This island is considered  part of  Manhattan .

You’re  thinking  that since it sits in the middle  of  a  river ,  you should  all dress warmly.

There are two ways  to  get to the island .

One of  which  is to take the  Roosevelt  Island  tram, which the three of  you  can see flying high above  you when you all were in the  city .

The other way is by taking  the F train , which does stop on Roosevelt  Island .

Guess which one  the three of  you  are going to  take?

That’s  right ,  you  took  the  subway .

While  the subway  ride didn’t  take long  from your hotel, it seemed  as though  the elevator  ride seemed to  take forever .

There was a  reason  for that ,  though.

The Roosevelt  Island  train station  is one of  the  deepest  subway stations  in the  city .

It’s  also  below  sea level .

When  you  finally  get off the  escalator  and onto the street ,  you notice  the  red buses that say “Roosevelt  Island  ” all over them .

These buses take  you  all over the  island ,  which gives you  a  clear view of the  skyline  of Manhattan  across  the  river and the ride is only  a  quarter.

You can even  see the  buildings  that make  up  the  United  Nations.

You really  don’t  want  to  see that much of the  island  because  it really  is  cold, so the three of  you  grab some  coffee  from one of  the  food trucks and walk around  to see  what’s  up .

The tram  is  coming  in and the first thing  you  notice  is that it’s  bright red, just like  the  bus.

A ride on  it looks exciting ,  but a tram going high up above  the  East River is out of  the  question ,  no matter  how  pretty  it looks .

You can  even  use a New York  City  Metro  Card  to  pay for your ride.

Nope, the  three of  you  are just  going  to  watch  the citizens  and other tourists  of Roosevelt

Island  get on the  tram to the  final  stop, 59th Street and Second  Avenue .

The three  of  you  are going back  to  your hotel .

You’re  taking  the  F train .


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