You  and your  friends  went to  the  oh so very trendy neighborhood  of Adams  Morgan  in Washington  DC  last night ,  but you all aren’t  too tired to  visit  more of Washington’s  monuments  and  memorials .

You saw the  Korean  War  Memorial ,  which  was very  haunting  and spooky  to you.

You wonder did the designer  mean for it  to be this way ?

After you saw the  Vietnam  War  Memorial ,  “The Wall”, you had to  sit down  on a bench to compose  yourself .

One of  the  names on the  wall was the  cousin  that you  were named after .

Not far from  the  wall is another  symbol  of  Washington’s  memorials ,  The Lincoln  Memorial .

You didn’t  want to  see  this  Memorial at night, even  though  you  heard how  beautiful  it is .

Nor did  you  all  want to  go  in the late afternoon  when  it would  be  really  crowded.

Instead ,  you  all got to  the  memorial around   7:30am.

As you  stand at the  top of  the  stairs ,  you not only  can see the  Reflecting  Pool, but the  National  World  War  2  Memorial  and of course ,  the Washington  Monument .

You don’t  need any  exercise  because  just walking  up and down  the  stairs  of the  Lincoln  Memorial  was exercise  enough .

When  you  all finally  get inside  the  building , not only do you see

a copy of  The Gettysburg  Address ,  but the  famous  larger than  life statue of  the  president ,  sitting  in a  chair .

How majestic  he looks!

You all can’t help but wonder  as you leave the  memorial ,  what was on his mind as the country  was going through  the  Civil  War ?


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