You  and your  friends  are in Boston ,  Massachusetts ,  a city that is very special  to  all of  you .

You went to  college  here,oh so many years  ago .

You’re  visiting  Long Wharf ,  which  is  along the Boston  Harbor  and close  by is the New England  Aquarium .

You can  see the boats on the  water.

You can  imagine  many years ago ,  that this is what many Bostonians did,

The harbor  looks  very peaceful right now .

How different  it must have looked 200 plus years ago  when British  Warships  were in the  harbor ,  getting  ready  to  invade.

The neighborhood  looks so very different  from when all of  you  attended Boston  University .

Back then  it was part of what was known  as Boston ‘ s  infamous  “Big Dig”.

Concrete  and  rocks  made this  area look like the eyesore  that it was.

Not anymore .

Not only  are you  all walking  along the  waterfront ,  you’re  looking  for  something  particular . It’s  a simple  pathway   known  as  “The Mother’s  Walk.”

Where concrete  and  rocks  once stood ,  there are  now green  open spaces and a very pleasant  walking path .

This is  all part of  the  Rose Fitzgerald  Kennedy  Greenway ,  named after the  mother  of  the  late president  and  two senator’s  from New York  and Massachusetts .

Rose Kennedy  grew up  in this neighborhood  when it was  mostly  Irish ,  now it’s  has some of  the  best Italian  food in the city .

Her legacy  is this green way  and she talked  about  the  environment  way before  it was fashionable  to do so.FB_IMG_1489835312800


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