Now that  you’ve  figured out  where  you’re  going  to  go, where you’re  going  to  stay, and how you’re  going  to  get there  for your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  let me  share a little  tips  before  you head off to  Philadelphia  to see Benjamin  Franklin ,  Rocky, The Liberty  Bell  and  that Philadelphia  Eagles  football  game .

Some of  these things  are  just common sense .

First of  all   RESEARCH !  RESEARCH !  RESEARCH !

It doesn’t  matter  if it’s  you and the  family ,  you and the  guys  or girls ,  or you by yourself ,  check out where you’re  going  to  stay, what mode of transportation  you’re  going to  take, etc .

Read all the  reviews  you can, not only  for the  place where you’re  going  to  stay, but the attactions you want to  see  as well.

You can even read the  reviews  for the  arenas  and stadiums  where the  game is  being  held.

Speaking  of  which ,  what about those tickets ?

Where will you get those from?

Don’t  even  think  about  going  to  see  a scalper  for  those  tickets   on the day of  the  game.

First of  all ,  it’s  illegal  and shouldn’t  that have been  one of  the  first  things you did, buy those tickets ?

Secondly ,  are those tickets  legitimate ?

You don’t  want  to  ruin the  real  reason  that  you’re  in Atlanta  by having  bogus  Atlanta  Hawks  basketball  tickets .

Stick to  who you  know  and trust .

The most obvious  choice  is the team’s  own website .

You might be  lucky  and pick a game  that’s  either half priced or it’s  giveaway  night.

(Steph Curry bobble head  night in Oakland ! )

When you  all go to  the  arena, an usher will scan your ticket .

If it’s  a bogus  ticket, NO BODY  is getting  in and SOME BODY  who wanted to  impress the family  and  friends   is going  to  be  very embarrassed .

Now, what if you’re  traveling  with  the family  on a bus , train  or plane, what do  you  take to get  to  your  hotel  or hostel ?

You could  take  a  taxi ,  which is  expensive .

You could  take an airport  shuttle  or if your  hotel has their  own  shuttle ,  take that.

You also  could  take public  transportation ,  no matter  if you  take the  bus, train, or plane..

The only  downside  to  this  is what if the bus, train, or plane is no where near  your destination  and you have to  walk to the hostel  or hotel ?

The luggage  is heavy, your  friends are tired , and   so are you  .

Not to  mention  those “are we there yet ? ” looks  you’re  getting  from the  kids and adults .

Now, let’s  say it’s  just little  old you down in Indianapolis  going  to  that Indiana  Pacers basketball  game because  no one  else  wants to  go  with you.

Scary thought ,  hun?

No, not that you’re  going  to  Indiana ,  it’s  the fact that  you’re  going  by yourself .

Not really  because  STAYING  HOME  IS NOT  AN  OPTION !

Go see that basketball  game by yourself .

If this  is  your  30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  don’t  let anyone  steal your  thunder whether  you’re  going to   see the Thunder  play basketball  in Oklahoma  City  or be the Thunder  at a Lightning  hockey  game  down in  Tampa .

If you want to  sit next to  or near Jack Nicholson  at a Lakers basketball  game  in  Los  Angeles  or sit in “celebrity  row” at Madison  Square  Garden  in New York  City ,  why not  if you  can afford  to  roll like that.

Forget  the  fact that  you  had to  work a lot  of  overtime and that on many occasions   you went to  work  very sick just so you could  see your team  play, guess what ?

This is  your  30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

You want to  see  some sports  action  live and in person ,  whether it’s  your favorite  team or  not .

Just be mindful  of  your surroundings  when you go .

Ask the front  desk  clerks  the  best and easiest  way  to  get  to  and from  the  arena .if you’ve  been  in town  for a few  days  before  the  game ,  take a  trial  run on how to  get to  the  stadium .

Do your FB_IMG_1501338934819

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