You’ve  been  in Detroit  for about  a  week  and you’ve  finally  gotten  to  the  Detroit  International  Riverwalk .

You and your  in laws  are walking  along  the  Detroit  International  Riverwalk .

You  see all the  plaques named after  the  people  who  made the  city of  Detroit  what it is .

You know  all about  Henry Ford  but you aren’t  really  that surprised  to  read that one of  the  leading  citizens  of  the  city has the last name of Buick .

Nor are you even more surprised  to  learn  that the French explorer who gave the city  its  name had the last name of Cadillac .

This is  the Motor City, isn’t  it ?

As the three of  you walk across  Hart Plaza towards the  waterfront ,  the tour boats are standing  still on the  Detroit  River.

One of  them has the name, Detroit  Princess.

As you walk further along, you come across  a  statue   with six figures that seems  to  dominate  the  waterfront .

They look as though they’re  getting  ready to  go  on a  journey  somewhere.

One of  them  seems  to  be  pointing  in the  direction  of  Canada ,  which you can see across  the  river.

It’s  the  city of  Windsor ,  Ontario ,  Canada  and you discovered that they have the same statue on their  waterfront ,  but no one  is  pointing  in the  direction  of  the  United  States .

The statue on the  Detroit  side is named “Detroit  – Gateway  to  Freedom . ”

Detroit  was the  next to last stop on the Underground  Railroad.

The final  stop was Canada .

Now you understand .

This was a statue  of  runaway  slaves and they were carrying  everything  that they owned to

their  final destination  – Canada ,  a place called  Freedom .


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