You’re  visiting  the Charlestown  neighborhood  of  Boston .

This time, you’re  visiting  one  of  the  most  visible  monuments  of the  Revolutionary  War, the Bunker  Hill  Monument .

The Charlestown  neighborhood  was always  known  as  a  working  class neighborhood .

It hasn’t  changed from  Revolutionary  War times until  now.

Cobblestone  streets  still exist, just like  they did all those  years  before  there was even a United States .

It seems  as though you’ve  hit every cobblestone  as you walked  from the Orange Line station up to Bunker Hill.

In the distance ,  you can see that tall white pillar   that looks almost  like the Washington  Monument .

They must have  had the same architect you think to yourself .

This monument ,  though, honors a battle  that the Americans LOST, not won.

History knows it as the Battle of  Bunker Hill, but it was actually  Breed ‘ s  Hill.

You look around  you and see all the houses around the  monument .

You’re  sure some of  these houses dated back to  colonial  times,probably  even the day of the battle  as well.

As you take pictures ,  you wonder what was going  on  in  the  minds of  the  people  who lived in them and in the surrounding  areas .

Their loved ones  were probably  fighting  for  the  either side .

Would  they see them ever again ?You continue  to  take pictures  and you wonder should you go inside of the monument, but you don’t  want  to  climb  up the stairs.

All 294 of them.

Instead, you keep  looking  up higher and higher into the sky at this monument  to  a battle  that was lost.FB_IMG_1489166431392


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