It’s  the museum  that asks  you  “to think about  what  you  saw.”

It’s  the  United  States  Holocaust  Memorial  Museum  in Washington  DC .

The museum  is located  on Raoul  Wallenberg  Place, right across  the  Potomac  River from the  Jefferson  Memorial .

No two  museums  and  memorials  could  be  any more  different .

Children  of all ages should  see the  Jefferson  Memorial  just to learn  about our  third  president .

The Holocaust  Memorial  Museum  is recommended  for older children ,  although  how can you explain  what you see in this  museum  to yourself ,  let alone  your children  or grandchildren ?

This museum  is free and it just doesn’t  deal with the  Jewish people  in Nazi Germany ,  but genocide  everywhere.

You do have to  go through  security ,  but once you  step in the elevator ,  you’re  taken   up to the  top floor ,  which is  the fourth  floor .

You walk your way down  so that you  can  try to  comprehend  just what went on in Nazi Germany  and  the  other concentration  camps.

When I  first visited  this museum ,  there was so much that I  had to  learn  about this period of  history .

I really  couldn’t  comprehend man’s  inhumanity  to his fellow  man, woman, and  child based on their  religion ,  race, and even gender .

I still don’t  get it and I’m  64 years old

When you finally  reach the  first floor, you discover  that the  world  hasn’t  learned anything .

You see pictures and hear newscasts about Rwanda, The Balkans, The Congo, and Darfur .

This museum  isn’t  for everyone ,  but it does  achieve  what it sets out to  do.

It makes you  think  about what  you  saw .

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