It’s  your  own 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  and you  and the  girlfriends  are so ready  to  attend  that basketball  /  hockey  /football  or baseball  game .

All of  you  put your  money  together  and  planned  your vacations  around the  same time ,  not only  to  see the  sights of Atlanta ,  Los Angeles ,  New York  or Vancouver ,  Canada, but to see  your favorite  team or teams play in person .

You all are so excited  to  be  sitting  close  to  the  action ,  in seats that you all paid for ,  by the  way ,  but wouldn’t  you know  it, there’s  somebody who just had to  be   ”  that  guy  ”  and ruin the  start of  your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Miami .

It’s  some gentleman  and his friends  who might not be drunk, and  wouldn’t  you know  it, they’re  sitting  right behind  you.

Instead  of  following  the  action  that’s  going  on  tight in front of  you, guess who has their  attention ?

That’s  right, you and  your  besties .

“Hello  ladies !  Would  you  look at  these girls ?  What do  THEY  know  about  sports?!”

If that wasn’t  bad enough ,  this loudmouth  and his friends  have to  add one more  insult.

“They’re  probably  girlfriends  of some of  the players or else here to pick up  one of  the  players. Why else would  they be  here?”

WHAT ? ??!!!!

Now before you allow  some fool to ruin your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  the Bay Area  or anywhere  else ,  think.

You all did come to  see the  Golden  Gate  Bridge ,  ride those cable cars  all day and  eat as much  Asian food   until  you  were full .

The real reason is because   you all wanted to  see a Golden  State  Warriors  basketball  game  in person   at the  Oracle  Arena  in Oakland .

Yes, this is  a travel blog  but it’s  also a  sport’s   blog  and some folks  didn’t  read the  memo that says  women love sports  just as much  as  the men do.

In this case ,  though, what do  you  do if some ignoramus ,  drunk  or not, tries to  mess up your wonderful  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Phoenix ,  Nashville ,  or Montreal ?

Act like  you’ve  been  there before ,  ladies even  if  some  people  chose to  ignore  that memo.

Should  you call security  and have these fools  taken  out?

You say that  you’d  like to  handle  the  situation  yourself  by dumping  that $8.50 beer over his head.

No, remember ,  he’s  already  possibly  drunk and why would  you  want a good  cup of  beer to go to  waste?

Besides, , you don’t  want the highlight  of your New York  Yankees  versus  Boston Red Sox  baseball  game to be remembered  for you all getting  thrown  out of  Fenway  Park, do you ?

That’s  just what’s  going  to  happen .

Do what  I  do when  I  go to  a game.


That’s  right ,  know those  stats on your favorite  player or team because  it’s  obvious  that  Rowdy  Randy  and his entourage  in section  10 didn’t  notice  the football , hockey ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  jerseys  that you  all are wearing .

You all aren’t  fraud  fans.

You’re  here to cheer for  your team, regardless  if they’re  the home or away team .

Where is it written  down  in the Sports Lover’s  Handbook  that only  guys should  be fans and know  Sports ?

News flash, guys.

We’re  going to  cheer for Sidney  Crosby ,  Dak  Prescott ,  Chris Paul  and  Bryce  Harper, just like  you do.

Yeah, we might even  lose our ever minds and yell at  the  referees  and umpires if we disagree  with  a call they made on our team .

Some of  us even plan our vacations  around a sporting  event ,  because  that’s  what a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  is all about .

You say that  we should  stick to  something  that we should  know  about ,  like shopping .

HA HA, you’re  also  a comedian  now, aren’t  you ?

Guess what ,  when we go to  Victoria ‘ s  Secret  or that Michael  Kors Store at Patriots  Place  in Foxboro ,  Massachusetts ,  guess where our next stop is going to  be  on our 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Boston ?

That’s  right ,  it’s  going to  be  right  across  the  plaza to the New England  Patriots  Pro Shop because  SOME BODY left her Tom Brady  jersey back home and she needs a new one  to wear to the  Patriots’ game on Sunday  afternoon .

Excuse  me, what did you  just say?

Oh, that we only look at  the  players  because   “They’re Cute”?

Oh, no you didn’t !

You didn’t  have  to  take it there .

Have you  ever  seen  hockey  players during  playoff time?

Beards everywhere  and some of  them  ain’t  so cute, just saying .

So stop with   the cute thing, bro, really, stop it.

Some of us have been  fans BEFORE some of  you were born and we’re  not going  to  stop now just because  some of  you have a major  problem  with  it.

We do notice if a player just happens  to  be  cute, but we’re women, that’s  how some of  us roll.

But that isn’t  the  only reason  we like somebody  like Clay Matthews  of the Green  Bay  Packers .

We talk smack about sports  on Social  Media  with the girls  AND our guy friends who have no problem  with us  liking   Russell  Wilson and  the  Seattle  Seahawks   .

We’d  rather  talk about  how we love LeBron  James  and  the Cleveland  Cavaliers  basketball  team  all day than talk about  some actor  that  we’ve  never heard  of  or  could care less  about .

So the next time you’re  on your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  do what the guys do- act like you’ve  been  there ,  done  that ,  and  gotten  the  t-shirts ,  no  matter  what  team  you root for .


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