In case you didn’t  know  it, Baltimore ,  Maryland  is known  as  Charm City and one of  the  areas  that you should  visit   whether  your doing  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  to see the Baltimore  Ravens  or Baltimore  Orioles  game is take a tour of  Little  Italy .

It’s  right  near the Inner  Harbor ,  so it’s  walkable .

If not, take one of  the  free buses called  The Charm City Circular .

The Orange Line takes you to  Little  Italy  and there are  many restaurants  to choose  from .

One of which  is  located  on Fawn Street .

It’s  called  Sabatino’ s and you can’t  go wrong  with  the big portions  of  food that you get there.

For the ultimate  experience ,  do what I  did.

Have a glass of  Lambrusco with  your food .

You might be stuffed after the appetizers ,  bread, and all that pasta.

But there is ALWAYS  room  for some canolis.

If your hotel  is close  by, take a walk  through  the  neighborhood  or just admire everything  that is Baltimore .

Charm City might just surprise  you.


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