Getting  to know  Toronto ,  Ontario , Canada .


It’s  the largest city in  Canada.

It’s  home to the  second  largest  stock  market  in the world ,  next to  New York  City .

They even have a  theater district  and like Hollywood ,  they have a Walk of Fame .

They have  the second biggest  movie  festival ,  next to  Cannes .

Their transit system  is the most heavily  used next to New York  City  and  Mexico  City .

It’s  the home of  baseball’s  Blue Jays, basketball’s  Raptors ,  and just because  this is  Canada, it’s  the home of  hockey’s  Maple  Leafs .

It’s  also  the  home  of some singer that you’ve  might have heard of  named Drake .

It’s  Toronto , Ontario ,  Canada  and don’t  be surprised  on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  if you happen  to  see a lot of  Torontonians wearing every article  of clothing  that says   “The Six” on it.

Nor should  you  be  surprised  if  a whole  lot of  people  refer to  the city as “The 416 .

Confused ?

Don’t  be.

416  is the area code for the  city.

What does the six  refer to ?

It’s for the  six boroughs  that make up the G.T.A.

Get used to  hearing  that too while you’re  in  the  city .

The G.T.A   stands for  the Greater  Toronto  Area.

You might be seeing one of  the  cities  that make up the G.T.A  while you’re  in  town .

That is if you fly into Pearson  International  Airport .

That’s  in the town of  Mississauga .

Otherwise, you’ll  be  in the city of Toronto  most of  the  time, because  that’s  where all  the  action  takes place.

No matter what  you call it, The Six, The 416 ,  T.O. have a great  time in the True North .


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