FB_IMG_1501245516087I’m  sure that I’m  not  telling  you  something  that you haven’t  heard  before .

When  you  start  to  do a little  exploring  on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  please act like you’ve  been  there  before .

When  you’re  on the  escalator ,  no matter  if it’s  on the  subway  in New York  City ,  the Metro  in Washington  DC  or on “The T” in Boston  or Pittsburgh ,  stand to the right, so that people  can pass  on your left.

The  left side is for people who  want to  walk up or down  the  escalator  or stairs .

Please  don’t  block  their way.

Please don’t  stop  in the  middle  of  a  busy street  to take  pictures  or to look at  your map, no matter  what  city you’re  in.

Know where you’re  going  the night before and write the address  down.

Ask your  front desk clerks  the  easiest  way  to  get  to  your destination .

Find out what the weather  is  going  to  be  like when you go and dress accordingly .

I’m  sorry ,  but please  leave  the fanny  packs home .

No, seriously ,  really please leave them  at  home .

Use that transit pass to get around  town just the way the locals  do .

Find out  what  places they eat at and eat there instead of  that restaurant  where the the other  tourists go to.

If you aren’t  sure what train will get you to  a place, ask the person  in the train information  booth to help  you .

Write that address down.

Once again, you should  have  this information  BEFORE you get to  your destination .

Like your hotel or hostel  rooms .

Since this is a blog about going to  see your favorite  or not so favorite  team ,  no where  is act like you’ve  been  there  before more appropriate  than when you’re   attending  a sporting  event.

Just because  the Cleveland  Browns  football  fans are talking  a whole  lot  of  smack  about your beloved  Pittsburgh  Steelers ,  just let it go even though  your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  has brought  you to  Cleveland ,  Ohio .

That’s  right, let it go.

Ignore, and  don’t  respond to  the  madness.

They don’t  call Cleveland  Browns  fans “The Dawg Pound  ” for nothing .

This is  YOUR 30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  remember ?

Don’t  let the haters ruin it for you .

(Besides ,  you know who has the better  team anyway, so just zip your lip.)

Wear that green  and  gold or orange  and  black  colors of your team  proudly ., just like the hometown  fans  do.

Cheer on your team, but don’t  act like an ass about them.

Don’t  get into  a shouting  match with fans of  the  other team  if one of  them makes a comment  about your favorite  team or  player.

Think about  all that money you spent for those tickets.

It’s  not worth  responding  to  and ruining your stadium  or arena  experience .

What happens  if you or one of  your friends  acts up at a game and beer and fists start flying?

Guess who’s  going  to  get thrown  out?

That’s  right, you and your  besties  or you and the family .

Do you want  your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New York  City  to be remembered  forever as “The time that Daddy got us thrown  out  of  Yankees  Stadium ? ”

Just because  some fans are screaming  and  being rowdy ,  like  they  left their manners  at the front gate,  doesn’t  mean that  you  should  follow  suit.

Be loud  and  proud  for your guys if they make some three point shots, hit a home run ,  score a goal or make a touchdown .

Don’t let it get to  the  point  that you’ve  become  “THAT PERSON  “, aka The Obnoxious  Fan .

Please  act like  you’ve  been  there  before .




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