Today on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Washington  DC ,  you’re  going  to  be  visiting  the  United  States  Marine  Corps  Memorial ,  better known  as  the  Iwo Jima Statue .

You’ve taken the DC  Metro so many times that you’ve  become an  expert  on riding  the  Metro .

The first  thing that you  notice is how  CLEAN the trains  are.

No eating ,  drinking  or loud radio playing .

You can even  understand  what  the  conductor’s  saying .

You’ve  mastered   Washington  DC  Metro  etiquette  101.

When  the  bell chimes, that means that  the  doors are going  to  close  and they aren’t  going  to  be  opening  again, so you’d  better  wait for  the  next train.

The sign above you tells you  when that next train to Ronald  Reagan  National  Airport  or Washington  Nationals ballpark  is coming .

The lights  blinking  on and off  on the platforms  tells you that  the  next train is pulling  into  the  station .

You happen  to  be  going to   the United  States  Marine  Corps  Memorial ,  better  known  as  the  Iwo  Jima  Statue .

You could  get off at  the  Arlington  National  Cemetery  Metro  station ,  but you’d  have  to  walk through  the  cemetery  to get to  the  statue.

The easiest  way  to  get to  the  statue  is to  get  off at  the  Rosslyn  Metro  station  and  walk  a couple  of  blocks .

You can’t miss this statue because  it  is  HUGE and oh so beautiful  to look at  in person .

Pictures  don’t  seem  to  do it justice .

There doesn’t  seem  to  be  a  lot of  people  who come  to  see the  statue as compared  to  some of  the  other monuments  and  memorials  in the city.

Why that is, you don’t  know.

It could be  that this statue  is out of the  way compared to  the  other memorials  and monuments .

This statue is a statue  that should be seen, especially  in the evening .

Words can’t  describe  it and while you’re  visiting ,  no selfies .

This isn’t  the  place.

Let someone  else  take the picture  for you.

Like the  National  World  War  I I Memorial ,  this is  the  place  to  reflect  what might have  been  if World  War I I  had ended differently . FB_IMG_1489067198647



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