A walk  through  Zuccotti  Park

It’s  not  as big as  Central  Park  and it doesn’t  even have trees or benches.

It’s  Zuccotti  Park  and  the  name probably  sounds familiar  to you from the Occupy  Wall   Street  demonstrations  in 2011.

Right now  as you walk through it ,  it’s  very  peaceful  with all sorts of  Modern  Art sculptures  and lots of  food trucks.

It’s  a  perfect spot to be in  after you’ve  visited  the  September  11th  Memorial .

Where Zuccotti  Park  now stands , the first coffeehouse in New York  City   now  stands, and it wasn’t  a Starbucks .

Zuccotti  Park  used to  be  called Liberty Plaza and while the colonists  in Boston  were dumping  tea into the  Boston  Harbor  to protest  the Tea Tax, New York  colonists  had already  began their protesting 1773.

They didn’t  dump anything  into New York  Harbor.

They just occupied  Liberty Plaza.

Some things haven’t  changed.


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