You’re  all set  to  go on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Atlanta  to see the Cleveland  Cavaliers  play the Atlanta  Hawks  but some thing’s wrong.

You and the  guys are all set to  see the sights of Atlanta  or wherever  your own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  is taking  you to.

But there’s  a  problem ,  not a major one but one that may mess up your trip.

You can’t  get the  seats you want.

This is  not that big of  a problem ,  people .

Yes, the children may want to sit behind the glass at a hockey game or sit at Courtside at that Cleveland  Cavaliers  basketball  game, but who’s  paying for  that ticket?

The object of  a  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  is to see a game in  any arena, not to mortgage  the house to do it.

Sorry, it’s  not that big a deal if the players look like midgets on the field   at that Baltimore  Ravens  football game .

You’re  in the  building seeing the  game, that’s  all  that   matters ,  right?

You want to  get those  tickets  so you and the guys can sit Courtside with all the celebrities  at the  New York  Knicks  basketball  game .

Aren’t  you  fancy, Mister or Miss Moneybags?

Hate to  tell you ,  unless your company  does major sponsorship ,  forget about sitting  next to  Justin  Timberlake  or Bieber  at the  game.

It ain’t  gonna  happen .

In the grand scheme of  things ,  where you  sit at a game just isn’t that important.

Just being at the  game, inside the  arena  with your friends and thousands  of your fellow New York  Yankees and Boston  Red Sox baseball  fans should  be  enough.

That’s  what a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  should  be  about, not where you sit.FB_IMG_1488793736304-1



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