FB_IMG_1502111192918FB_IMG_1502111255442FB_IMG_1502111266150FB_IMG_1501239775221FB_IMG_1502110774419When you went on your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Washington  DC ,  you had no idea  how many monuments  and  memorials  there were.

You  didn’t  even know  how  many museums  there were, either .

Before you  go, here’s  some tips for you.

Some of  you don’t  know  how to  conduct  yourselves  when visiting  some of these places .

This just doesn’t  apply  to  the children.

But I’ll  get to  the  adults  later.

Sorry, I  just have to  get this out of my system .

On one of  my way too many to count trips down  to  the   Nation’s  Capital ,  I’ve  seen teenagers and tweenagers on spring break  acting as though they’re  in Csbo, Disneyland ,  Disney world  or some other happiest place on earth rather than  in Washington  DC .

Please tell me what part of that memo that says ,  “RESPECT THE MONUMENTS  ” don’t  you all understand ?

This doesn’t  mean  to whip out the selfie sticks and start taking  selfies at The Tomb of  the  Unknown  Soldier or the Marine Corps Statue.

Nor should  you be  loud and obnoxious  by running  around the  grounds of  Arlington  National  Cemetery .

Don’t  yell over to your friends   “check this one  out ,  dude!”, don’t  you know Arlington  is an active cemetery  and there are funerals  going on?

Lastly  before I  move on to  the  adults, why are you  running  through  the  halls  of the American  Indian  Museum  like you’re  at recess or summer break?

Act like you  know where you are .

Please don’t  act the fool.

Monuments  and  memorials  are just that.

Not your personal  playground .

Adults, you aren’t  exempt  from  my little  ranting either, sorry.

Show some respect  when you see the wading  pool at the National  World  War 2 Memorial .

Unless you’re  blind, or just don’t  care, you must have missed that big sign at the  entrance  that says “NO WADING IN THE POOL.”

This means on one of  those  hot, sticky ,  and very humid days that Washington  DC  is known  for, even if  there’s  no other place to cool off ,  please don’t do it here.

This memorial  isn’t  the place, even  if  the fountains  look very inviting.

Save the dipping  toes for the  pool in your hotel .

Remember  men and  women  died so that your rude butts could have the freedom  to  enjoy the  memorials  and monuments .

Please  respect  them.




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