30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams ?

What is  she talking about?

Let me  tell you. For most of  my  sixty plus years, I  have loved travel and sports.

So what better way  to  do the two things  that  I  love, besides shopping  that is .


This blog is  going to  tell you  what to  do in a city after you’ve  gone  to  that  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  game .

So how did I come up with  the  cutesy title for this blog?


All four of  the  professional  sports teams in the  United States  and Canada  have at least  30 teams.

To some people, myself included, it’s  a dream of  a  lifetime  to go to  a game and see your favorite team or athlete play.

So follow my journey throughout  mostly  the United States  or Canada on what to do  after you’ve  gone  to  that  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  game .





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