It’s  time to  talk about  the  real reason  you’re  doing  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

You’re  traveling to  see  a game as well as see the  sights in the city once that baseball ,  football ,  hockey ,  or basketball  game  is over.

Here’s  some things to  remember  no matter if you’re  headed to  that Colorado  Rockies  baseball  game  in Denver or that Pelicans basketball  game  down in New Orleans .

(Don’t  laugh,that is  the name of  the  team. In case you  didn’t  know ,  the Pelican  is the  state bird of  Louisiana . )

To  begin with ,  you and your  besties  have checked  out schedules, no matter what  team it is.

You all found out  that around the  same time that the  Chicago Bulls will be playing basketball against the Memphis  Grizzlies,  the Tennessee  Titans will be playing football  down in Nashville  against the  Dallas  Cowboys ,  your team.

You all want to  go to  Memphis  to see Graceland  and have some great barbecue  and good times down on Beale  Street ,  but you also want to  experience  all that is  Music  City down in Nashville .

Guess what ,  you can  do  both.

Nashville  and Memphis  aren’t  that far apart  and if somebody  drives, that’s a  bonus .

Football, baseball ,  hockey ,  and  basketball  seasons  overlap and you can’t  tell me that someone  didn’t  plan  it that way.

So no matter what sport, you’re  going to  travel there.

It doesn’t  even  have  to  be  a  team that you like.

The arena  might be  on your bucket  list  of  stadium  and arenas  to see.

That’s  one of  the  beauties  of your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

Let’s  say you want to  take the  family to experience  all that is New York  City , especially  to see that big tree in Rockefeller  Center  and all those big, tall buildings .

You and the children  want to  experience  a  basketball  or hockey  game  at the place that  calls  itself, “The World’s  Most  Famous  Arena  “, Madison  Square  Garden .

The tickets for any place  in  the  arena are too expensive ,  and your children  are disappointed .

Don’t  worry ,  you have an option .

While walking  across  the  Brooklyn  Bridge ,  just like you’ve  seen them do in the movies  or TV shows, you discover  that tight in Downtown  Brooklyn  at the  Barclay’s  Center, you all can see New York  City’s  other hockey  and basketball  teams ,  the New York  Islanders  and the  Brooklyn  Nets .

Tickets are cheaper  and isn’t  this the purpose  of  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  to see a game ?

If you really  want  to  be  adventurous ,  take a trip out to  Newark ,  New Jersey  to see to see some hockey  at the  Prudential  Center.

Don’t  worry ,  you can get  there from your hotel  or hostel in  New York  City ,  and the tickets for New Jersey’s  hockey team, the Devils  are cheaper than Madison  Square  Garden .

No matter how  you go, I  can’t stress  enough  to  take public transportation ,  no matter what city your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  takes  you  to .

This is  what  the locals  do, so why not join  them?

You might even get to  strike  up a conversation ,  especially  if  you’re  wearing  a  jersey of the  opposing team.